ACC Vendetta Rank


ACC Vendetta Rank

After discussions with Muz, we've agreed to return to a previous policy the ACC had regarding participation in Brotherhood-wide events. The rank of Vendetta will once again be made available for those members who have not yet qualified in the ACC but still wish to participate in ACC events for the RoS.

What does this mean for the membership? Basically, if you hold the rank of ACC Initiate, you will be eligible to request to have your rank changed to Vendetta. You will do this by contacting your Clan Summits when the time comes to sign up for the ACC events. Once I receive the list of participants, any Initiate that needs it will be given the rank of Vendetta for the duration of the RoS only.

Please do not send requests for the Vendetta rank to me - they will be ignored. Signups must be done through your Summits. Best of luck to everyone in the RoS.

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