Herald Style Hanukkah Day XIV


Herald Style Hanukkah Day XIV

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For today, we present to you the Vixen robes for members at Equite 4 and the Grip lightsaber for those who are Dark Jedi Knights. I found a set of robes a guy had designed that looked simply sexy but needed a dark sider's touched to them, hence Vixen. Muz brough the Grip sabers to life for all to savor. He can give you more info on them than I can.

As a heads up, we're looking at putting a page up on the Herald's website to show you where some of our inspiration comes from. When this is actually up, I will have a post about it in either a HRLD Report or an actual news post. Something to look forward to.

Again, please keep in mind that everything will not come out the instant a news report is up. It does take time for us to finalize coding and all but rest assured, it will be up the day of the posting. So for now, enjoy the sexiness and look forward to more presents brought to you from the Herald’s Office!

The following robes were created by Shikyo Keibatsu. The saber was created by Muz Ashen..

-KPN Shikyo Sasuke Keibatsu

Herald of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Samurai of the Keibatsu Bloodline

sexiness :D

Damnit Oberst...have you been dipping lightsaber hilts inside of DB women again?

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