GFX and Gaming results.


GFX and Gaming results.

So, tonight, we have a few resuts for the second round of the Rite of Supremacy.

In the Arcona vs. Taldryan matchup, for the Graphics Event:

1st.) Orv d'Tana (ARC)

2nd.) Jac Cotelin (TAL)

3rd.) Juda Kodiak (ARC)

4th.) Sharad (TAL)

5th.) Vodo Biosk (TAL)

With a score of 16 to 14, Arcona scores a win in the Graphics Competition.

In the Naga Sadow vs. Independent House Revan matchup, for the Graphics event:

1st.) Sanjuro(IHR)

2nd.) Ylith (CNS)

3rd.) Dalthid (IHR)

4th.) Manji (CNS)

5th.) Valorian (IHR)

With a score of 18 to 12, Revan scores a win in the Graphics Competition.

In the Three-way Knockout Bracket of Plagueis vs. Scholae Palatinae vs. Tarentum, for the Gaming event, the following winloss scores were calculated, per the rules to determine placing:

1st.) Tarentum = 0.5862

2nd.) Scholae Palatinae = 0.5637

3rd.) Plagueis = 0.3968

More results as they develop, folks. Congratulations all around, to well-fought events.


Arcona Invicta! The GFX were amazing, from both sides! Congratulations to everyone! :)

Indeed, both sets of Round 2 GFX put the stuff in round 1 to shame. Massive kudos to everyone that placed, some real excellence was demonstrated.

Well done guys and well played CNS.

I find it intresting that Orv's work looks alot like my initial sketches, to bad I didn't complete and submit it >.< There are some nice GFX here though

Good games CSP, and Plagueis.

hax; Muz just likes to look at Orv's interpretation of his fake abs, which is why he gave the codemonkey a higher score.


Epic work Orv you beast, an sweet work from all the participants ;)

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