Nope, no trivia by me. However, this will simplify trivia events quite a bit. Starting immediately, every clan is allowed to run one (10 to 15 questions) trivia event per week. All houses are allowed to run another one. Independent houses get to run two per week. This means, every member is able to participate in two trivia events per week. However, to compete, you will have to be in the unit that is running the event. Top one and two will earn the regular Legion of the Scholar.

How the event is run (over email, IRC, etc) doesn't matter, as long as your unit can easily compete.

For this, no competition will have to be requested. In the medal request, simply list what unit the event was for.

As of now, all running trivia competitions are terminated. If for some reason you think yours should be allowed to keep going, discuss that with Anshar and me first.

What about people from other clans playing? Usually there are people from CNS and ARC in our channel who want to play too.

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