ACC Open for Business


ACC Open for Business

With the RoS over (or at least in the final stages of grading), the ACC is now returning to normal operation. Because of several things being put on hold before the RoS, there are a couple of things I need to clarify.

  • All battles opened since Dec 1, 2009 that have not had a post made since then will have their current post time limit reset. (Battles where a post has been made since Feb 6 aren't subject to this.) Time limits for new posts will be measured from Saturday, February 13 at midnight.

Battles affected by this are Proving Ground, Training Annex, Combat Hall, Quick Skirmish battles, as well as battles in the main Clan halls and the Clan Training Halls. All open ACC battles falling under this change have had their comments updated. If you had battles open before the RoS, please check them! If you were in a battle before the RoS that you wish to have closed, please e-mail myself and the other participant(s) to do so.

  • I will be going through the backlog of submitted character sheets and approving them. However, if you are participating in a battle for the RoS that is pending judgement, your character sheet will not be approved until your battles have been judged. The RoS matches are being judged as quickly as possible, so please bear with us and I will approve your sheets ASAP.

I'll be releasing an actual report within the next week. I'm looking forward to seeing more matches!

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