New Son of Sadow!


New Son of Sadow!

Without wishing to push the results post down too far, I've an announcement to make...

New Sadow Palace
The Orian System

_Obsidian spires glistened in the light of electric lamps scattered around the great hall, illuminating the majesty of the Sadowan palace. A veritable army of servants and menials had been cleaning and scrubbing the pillars, the marble floor and the dais upon which the Consul’s chair sat for several days, alerted to the return of their masters from Salas V and eager to ensure that everything was sparkling upon their arrival.

Huge banners brightened up the matte black walls of the room with depictions of those who had distinguished themselves in the recent conflict with the other Clans; the heroes of Clan Naga Sadow, and those who had fought for her glory, stood alongside the everyday soldiers and troopers of the Dlarit Corporation. The lowest Journeyman to the highest Elder, honoured for their part in the conflict. Several banners framed a sparkling new plaque which took pride of place between two pillars on the eastern wall of the chamber; surmounted by the circular motif of Naga Sadow, it listed the names of those who had distinguished themselves in battle.

The clamour of celebration filled the great hall with a busy feel, as the warriors of Sadow downed their alcohol and devoured the finest food that the Palace’s kitchens could provide, celebrating their return from Salas V. Suddenly, the great doors burst open and a tall, lanky figure strode in, his scrawny form bedecked in fine black silk. Striding through the long tables, nodding and smiling at his brethren, Manji moved up to the dais and took his seat on the Consul’s chair, raising his voice above the murmurs and whispered conversations and speaking with an uncharacteristically regal tone of voice.

“Brethren, we are gathered here today to celebrate our safe return. I thank all of you for your parts in this conflict, and know that we shall only continue to grow and strengthen ourselves in the coming months.” A murmur of appreciation ran around the hall as the Disciples of Sadow straightened up, pride suffusing their features as Manji continued. “However, I have another announcement to make. Step forward, Shikyo Sasuke Keibatsu!”

The hall went silent in an instant. Shikyo’s footsteps rang out against the marble as he moved away from the table he’d been sat at, towards the foot of the dais. As Herald of the Brotherhood, he was not required to kneel, but simply nodded at his elder brother with a smirk. Manji returned the gesture before raising one hand imperiously. His voice rang out into the silence.

“Shikyo Sasuke Keibatsu, on this day we have seen fit to reward you for your services to Clan Naga Sadow, your unswerving devotion to our cause and your dedication to strengthening and improving us.” For a moment, Manji paused, letting the tension in the room build up. Then he let out a swift, dry chuckle and continued. “With the blessings of the Clan Overlord, His Lordship Astronicus Aurelius Sadow, I am honoured to welcome you into the ranks of the Sons of Sadow.”

Deafening shouts and cheers suddenly broke out around the hall as Shikyo bowed his head with a wide grin, pride filling his heart. Pushing himself up from the chair, Manji moved forwards and stretched out a hand to his younger brother, grinning widely as he dispensed with the formalities.

“Nice goin’, little bro... or should I say Shikyo Keibatsu Sadow?”_


I think the fiction sums it up- big congratulations to Shikyo on becoming the newest Son of Sadow!

Furthermore, if you all want to see the plaque that I mentioned in the fiction... go to this link right here: Rite of Supremacy Dedication Plaque

I figured I'd put together a little something to thank everybody in CNS for their participation, regardless of whether they placed or not.


Congratulations Shikyo, you finally got Sadow.

Well it's about time. Congrats Shik!

Congrats Shik.

Outstanding! Welcome, cousin!

Congrats Shik!

Way to go, Shikyo! I was wondering why you weren't a Sadow sooner! :)

Thanks everyone!

Woohoo! Way to go Shik man! Fantastic job bro, nice to see you get something as prominent as this for your efforts.

Congratulations Shik.

Congratulations Shik about time they honor your badassness :P

Ronovi, cause from what I understood he was part of the staff. At least that is what HE told me. I am guessing the temporary disposition of being in his Clan during the RoS, is what did it.

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