Clan Naga Sadow Consul Report: Feb '10


Clan Naga Sadow Consul Report: Feb '10

Acquiris quodcumque rapis.

By now a large chunk of the merit medals that were giving out for excellent participation in the RoS should have been awarded; weve got a couple more big ones to do, so I`ll be sending out another email once those are awarded. In the meantime, without further ado, please join me in congratulating the following warriors of Sadow:

Bal Demona, Gavin Pollan, Jade Sadow, Methyas L`eonheart and Macron Sadow were all rewarded for their efforts with Dark Crosses. Well done!

Ylith Atema, Teu Pepoi and Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow were rewarded with Anteian Crosses for their hard work. Congratulations!

Dyrra Skye, Kalei Basai, Kano Verda, Raistlin Sadow and Ekeia Iclo were all rewarded with Steel Crosses for their stellar participation and activity. Great job!

Fremoc Pepoi was awarded with a Grand Cross of the Dark Side for his great work as Quaestor and his participation during the Feud. Excellent work!

Taigikori, my superlative Proconsul, was rewarded with a Sapphire Blade for all his hard work both in CNS and in the Shadow Academy. Very well done, Taig!

Like I said earlier on, theres a couple of other medals still to go through, so keep your eyes on your inboxes! Overall, as I think I mentioned when I revealed the plaque, Im incredibly happy with the participation we had during this RoS; not only did lots of people get involved, lots of people helped us rise to Third Place. It`s an achievement that you should all be proud of, and one that I know we can build on in the next Vendetta. Onwards and upwards, eh? :D

A bit of progress to mention here, and a couple of things for me to cover. So, without further ado:

*The Website Redesign project has begun to really gather steam; weve got a good chunk of the articles written and Ive begun work on the graphics side of the project, which once I knuckle down to it, shouldn`t take long at all; I can graphic-ise a fairly large amount of articles in a fairly short space of time, so I feel we can get this sorted pretty soon.

*Were still waiting on the finalised list of ships and the finalised point totals from the RoS in order to sort CNS out with her new fleet, but Ive been throwing ideas around in some (rather lengthy!) email chains with the summit. To summarise: were probably going to be able to afford some very, _very_ sexy ships that you will all get very excited over once thats sorted out. Stay tuned for updates!

*The legendary Goat has been discussing a few ideas with Tsainetomo and Malisane Sadow for a new, Clan-wide run-on that should give everybody a nice, relaxed opportunity to engage in character development; they`re intending for it to be a more ongoing storyline, and less of a “There is a threat, we must defeat it” run-on, so look out for that soon.

*In about two weeks, House Marka Ragnos will be seeing a House Feud between its two Battleteams, the Night Raptors and the Night Hawks. If you`re not in either of those teams but want to take part, make sure to email Fremoc and let him know, so he can assign you to a team for the duration of the Feud!

I covered a lot of what I was going to talk about here in the introduction, so in this section Ill just reiterate my point about how great it was to see so many participants in this RoS; a fair few people came out of the woodwork to lend their strength to the Clan, and that means a lot to me. Im proud of our final placing, and I know that we can improve on it in the next Vendetta; before that, though, weve got a lot of cool shit to reveal over the coming months. Were living in interesting times!

My university timetable is remarkably empty at the moment; until the 6th week of term (week 3 (or 4?) is starting tomorrow) I only have 3 hours of Latin a week. On the one hand, thats a bit lame since I feel like Im slacking off a lot; on the other, its great because Latins getting rather more tricky and I need to keep up with it, and this abundance of free time means that Ive got plenty of time to start preliminary reading and research for my 15,000 word dissertation. Recently Ive been looking at the portrayal of the Knights Templar in Islamic/Muslim sources in order to give a more well-rounded picture of how the Templars were seen by writers who werent Western, so thats quite interesting and is yielding some good material.

For those who missed it... here`s the plaque that I made to thank everybody for their participation in the RoS:

Keep up the great work, everybody!

**KPN Manji Keibatsu Sadow (Krath)/CON-PROF/Naga Sadow

Consul of Clan Naga Sadow**

Grats everyone on all the awards :)

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