Justicar Competition


Justicar Competition

_"The Forms of Vendetta are very specific," argued the Right Hand of Justice, "and they must be obeyed. There is no room for debate in this matter."

The Justicar nodded, then turned as the Left Hand began to speak, "We all know the Forms are archaic. The Clans have fought valiantly and now we are to punish their members?"

The Right Hand vigorously disagreed, "It isn't a matter of punishing their valor - the Forms prevent the Clans from decending into total chaos! If you think I will stand by while-"

"Enough." Said the Justicar, ending the debate. "The Forms may be ancient, but it is not our place to ignore them as we please. As long as they stand, we must enforce them. The tribunal will begin tomorrow, both of you shall be prepared."

Both Hands bowed to the bench, "Yes, Justicar." _

The first general directive of the Art of Vendetta is, " The Forms of the Art of Vendetta must be obeyed." While our actual Codex entry includes many practical rules and descriptions, fictionally it could be assumed there is a more involved system governing the actions of Clans in Vendetta via the Forms. Therefore, after each Vendetta the Chamber of Justice would be tasked with sorting through claims of violations.

Your task is to create a work of fiction which details several of the alleged violations from the Rite of Supremacy. Detail the work of the Chamber (both publically and behind the scenes) to get to the truth of these difficult matters.

This competition will run for two weeks, with all submissions being due by Saturday, March 20. Submissions should be emailed to Justicar Kir Katarn.

-3 pages minimum, TNR, 12pt, Single spaced
-Awards - 2nd level Crescents

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