Praetor to the Herald


Praetor to the Herald

After reviewing the applications received, I have decided that Jeric Cyrin will become my new Praetor to the Herald. Jeric has worked with me for a long time and I believe that he can get the job done and make sure the house doesn't go kaboom in my absence.

With Jeric stepping up, a Magistrate position was opened and reviewing the applications once more, I have decided that Ekeia Iclo would fit in nicely with the Staff. Though young and slightly new (but not really :P) to the world of graphics, I feel her time as Magistrate would give her the chance to learn more about the tricks of the trade.

Please join me in congratulating the both of them on their new positions.

-DA Shikyo Keibatsu Sadow

Herald of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Congrats Jeric and Ekeia!

Congrats to Ekeia Iclo on filling my spot, I look forward to working with you. And thank you Shikyo for this chance, I'll make sure the house is still rockin' when you return ;)

Mega congrats guys! Nice to see you step up to Praetor Jeric! And great job Ekeia, I can't wait to see your impact on the Heralding staff.

Welcome to the Diet, Jerse.

Congratulations, Jeric and Ekeia! I'm sure you'll both do a great job.

Congrats, guys.

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