JST Announcements


JST Announcements

I've got two quick announcements to make -

First - the winner of my "Forms of Vendetta" competition. I extended the competition for an extra week, but it turns out that the winner didn't need that time, since they got their entry in last week! The winner of the competition is KAP Jades A Sadow!. Congratulations, your crescent is in the mail.

Second - I put up a news post about needing help promoting the Brotherhood on the Star Wars Fan Wiki, and I got several very solid proposals. It was a tough choice, but I have chosen GRD Zod Ramiel to author our wiki page. He had an excellent proposal with very solid details, and I'm sure he'll do a great job. Thank you to everyone else who applied, if I find any other similar projects, I'll be sure to seek you out!

That's all for me, thanks!

Grats Jades on placing! And can't wait to see your work with the SW Wiki, Zod.

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