Journeymen Ladder Begins!


Journeymen Ladder Begins!

All matches for the Journeymen Ladder have now been opened. Best of luck to all the competitors! For those who want to view the matchups and read the battles as they progress, the hall for the Ladder can be found here.

Can we gamble on the outcome? Make cool March Madness brackets?

I'm giving 50 to 1 odds that the remaining RoS matches will be graded before the Journeyman Ladder is finished. Any takers? =D

50 - 1? That's way too low! The last RoS matches have been sitting there for over a month and a half. Why bother with them now?

Glad people paid attention to the last GM report. Case in point; Not the right place to be stating that kind of stuff. Also, there is another way of going about it than just leaving jabs/innuendo's in report comments, let alone a small news post.


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