Donning the Armor


Donning the Armor

If you have reaad my reports or talked to me on IRC, you'll have seen where I talk about expanding our boundaries, evolving our organization to gather more and more interest and activity so we can survive in a post-prequel environment. While it is true that we have the Clone Wars TV show, the new Live-Action TV show, and the KOTOR MMO coming up, we still need to capitalize on these oppportunities, to get as much as we can from them.

A few months ago, a newer member put forth a proposal for an unique concept; to branch out from being purely Sith, Obelisk or Krath. Love them or hate them, the Mandalorians have a massive following due to theirr inclusion at all levels of the canon, from Boba Fett in the Original Trilogy, to the novels of Karen Traviiss and the plentiful video games that use the Star Wars universe.
There are many here allready that remember the days of the Bounty Hunter's Guild, the thrill of the hunt, and the fun of playing one of the universe's best mercenaries. There are many instances of the Mandalorians working with the Dark Side of the Force, from the Golden Age of the Sith where Exar Kun enlisted the aid of the Mandalore of his time, to Ordo working alongside Revan, and even up to Boba Fett working for Darth Vader. There is an undeniable draw to the concept, and one that I feel is a natural and necessary evolution for the club to take.

Independent House Ordo will be the ffirst home for our Mandalorian brothers, led up by Kano Verda as Quaestor, the member whoo brought this proposal to light. Ordo, as you may recall, was the mercenary member of Revan's team that eventually became the Mandalore of his time. Members who wish to cast ooff the trappings of Sith, Obelisk, and Krath to pick up arms and wear the armor can put in for a transfer to that house as of right now. But first, a caveat:
Mandalorians are not Force sensitive.
Since Force sensitivity is incrediblly rare among the Mando's, we have set up the house in such a way that the members of Independent House Ordo will not have accesss to Force Powers or Lightsabers. In place of these advantages, those who join the house will be granted more weapons points on their character sheet as well as an array of weapons and armor to choose from.

The addition of another faction to our organization will enable us to broaden the scope of our fictional development, and add depth to our vendetta events. Diversification and evolution are the keys to long-term survival of this club, and with the added capacity of all of the Mandalorian fans out there, we stand to gain a lot of ground here.
The transfer option to Independent House Ordo will be activated very shortly, so anyone interested in changing from Dark Jedi to Mando may access their admin options and put in for a transfer by requesting a transfer to Rogues and specifying Ordo in the notes for the meantime. Once you arrive, you will find the Armor and weapons in the robes and saber selectors as appropriate.
Have fun,<p>

Anybody wanting to chat can enter #IHOrdo on mIRC. K'oyacyi!

Great April Fools joke this year! :P

Are there going to be rank changes too? Obviously someone who is not force sensitive cannot be a Dark Jedi Knight, or a Dark Jedi Master.

Crap, please don't tempt me so desperately. But, it's also only an hour until April Fools Day (at least for us Eastern Timers) so I don't know if this is serious or not.

This is a better joke than last year's. :P

Update: Jac fixed the transfer request page for us. Now you can request a transfer directly to Ordo. Thanks, Jac. :)

No problemo.

I bet if you try transferring your head will explode for added April Foolsness.

Also: don't fret Skyroni :( hugs post got deleted LOLz

And to think, I actually was looking forward to seeing all the Mandalorians carted off into their own little isolated almost got me, Muz!

If this isn't a joke then are we going to eventually change it so members of IH Ordo will have Order of the Mandalorians instead of Order of the Sith, etc? And like Gaius said we should make a new rank structure for them to if this is a serious thing.

Also: I think Muz is running out of ways to sneak "april fool's" into his news postings without it looking too obvious; last year it was bold, this year it's doubling the letters in specific words. We must find new strategies for the pranks to continue!

The gun in the middle would actually make a good hilt for an FF8 style gunblade lightsaber.

Final Fantasy games should never be mixed with Star Wars. And I do agree with Ronovi on the whole "carting off the Mandalorians to their own little hub" thing, but I do think it was cool that, even as a joke, you made sure not to let them be Force sensitive.

Great joke! Gotta say, though, those are some sexy blasters. I need to start using graphics software.

Our Mandalorian Brothers also get a badass sword to go along with those sexy blasters:

Dont you wish you where a Mandalorian now, lol :P

This is funny, but those are some awesome graphics as is... so yeah

Yeah nice graphics always are...well some of them :P But really....anything that falls on the day before April Fools...don't believe LOLz....well I guess this was better than the pokemon website a few years back

Interesting joke, lol, but can we keep those awesome looking armors around? =D

Actually the top left one, reminds me of the ARC troopers armor.....would love to see that as a added bonus for the new pending GMRG, or something just special...

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