A Herald’s Exodus & St. Herald's Day Results


A Herald’s Exodus & St. Herald's Day Results

Sorry Muz for pushing down your post about Independent House Ordo, which by the way look very interesting :) But the Herald's Office as two announcements....

Dark Greetings,

At 23:59 EST yesterday the St. Herald's Day competition ended. This was a fairly simple competition and it disappoints me to say we only got 3 submissions. So without further to do here are the winners:

1st Place: Ekeia Iclo

2nd Place: Brent "Archangel" Ligur Victae

3rd Place: Trent Devson

Your shiney's should be in the mail. If you didn't know or didn't get the chance to participate in this competition then don’t worry, the Herald's Office has two competitions for you this April. The first competition, A Herald’s Exodus, beings today & will end on April 15th. Here are the specifics:

"On April 12th of 2003 the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi split from the Emperor’s Hammer. The Anniversary of this Exodus is celebrated each year and this year the Herald’s Office would like to help celebrate it too. Create/Draw your depiction of what exodus day was like (fictionally). Did we fight someone or was it just a mass exodus of people, what really happen on that day?

You can create a comic panel, a single image, take a live action photo, anything that you think will depiction the split in its entirety. It can be humorous or serious as long as it pertains to Exodus Day."

2nd Level Crescents will be given to the top three submissions. Remember to send your submissions to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. Good luck & have fun!

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