Announcements - Krath High Priest


Announcements - Krath High Priest

Hi all... these are early, because I'm bored, so they're early. Yeah. That's it. :P

1: Event 2 submissions for the GKW are due in this SATURDAY at 11.59pm EST. If you don't get them in by then, I'm afraid it's tough luck, your work won't count. DON'T be late. The rules are there, and for once I fully intend to adhere to them. That means you have to too. :P

2: Event 3 will be made available for completion this weekend. Several people have asked why I'm releasing events on a staged basis and not all at once, so here's the answer:

  • It gives me time to get artefacts approved for final prizes

  • It gives you time to work on other things (like Prelude to Andevia) whilst waiting for the next event

  • It gives me time to mark each event separately and give them more consideration. It also means you know how you're doing as you go along.

I hope that makes things clearer. :P

3: Krath Monthly Topic submissions are due in by 31st January at 11.59pm EST. Those Sith and Obelisk that like writing, you can actually get involved in this one if you want. So far I've had about 6 entries. This isn't enough to award medals on, so if you fancy winning a medal (perhaps), then you'd better get your skates on and submit.

4: Prelude to Andevia is on now, it will be on until March. Submit to it. All rules and stuff available from the IWATS site:

5: I got a random mailing of two different attachments last night, both containing the Nimda virus. Fortunately, my virus checker caught both of these and deleted them. Please make sure you check your computers for viruses regularly, and update scanners regularly. It's not hard, it takes maybe ten minutes out of your entire lifespan, and it makes things around here a lot nicer and safer for all involved.

6: An email got sent to the AoC this week from the DGM about promotion of competitions. I'm passing on the basic sentiment to Krath QUAs and AEDs. Most of you are great about communicating competitions and the like to your members, but there's always room for improvement!

7: Once again, I'm afraid, I'm not going to be at the meeting. Like I said last week and the week before, it's D&D day. My apologies for that, it's something I really can't help.

And that's it for this week. More fun and announcements from your lovable KHP at the same time next week (although possibly slightly later) :P

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