CNS Consul Report for April 2010


CNS Consul Report for April 2010

Cuivis dolori remedium est patientia.

This shouldn't be a particularly lengthy report: things have been fairly quiet this month. Nevertheless, here we go!

First up- Taig is unfortunately stepping down from the position of CNS PCON at some point in the near future, so the time's come for us to open up applications for the position. Below are the requirements: remember to email your applications both to myself and Taigikori, since he'll be choosing somebody that he feels can follow in his sizable footsteps!

Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow:


  • Hold the Rank of Equite 2 or Higher

  • 24 hour email turn around under normal circumstances

  • 72 hour email turn around time under constrained circumstances

  • Experience of leadership at a House level preferred

What to place in your application:

Any ideas or suggestions you have for improving the Clan

Past Leadership experience in the Dark Brotherhood

Any recommendations you feel may help your chances of being selected

Any special skills you may possess that give you an advantage over others who may apply

If you don't think that you quite meet all the requirements, but would still like to apply, go ahead! Applications will be open until Sunday May the 9th, two weeks from now; unless we get a suitable candidate before then, in which case we might close them early. Either way, get those applications in!

Next: the CNS Clan-wide run-on, 'Unrest in the City', is full steam ahead. We've seen lots of people getting involved, which is great, but there's still room for more people to jump in whenever they want; it's meant to be a very free-flow run-on, so you can invent a storyline for your character pretty much whenever you want. For example, at the moment, Manji's going to go and pwn some n00bs who are trying to steal the food supplies from a Dlarit warehouse and make it look as though Dlarit used them all, thus leading the civilians to have a food riot. If anybody wants to get involved in that, they can easily turn up at the warehouse at the time I mentioned in my last post and just jump in! Also, we're going to be looking at rewarding people for their participation in this run-on once it hits the 4 week mark next week- discussions are underway at the moment, so we'll let you know as soon as we can.

  • As mentioned above, we're working on hopefully getting people rewarded for their participation in the Clan-wide run-on, thus giving even more reason for you to get involved!

  • I should be submitting a couple of competitions once I've finished writing this report: once they've gone through, I'll be sending an email to the list to let everybody know, so watch out for those!

  • Kudos for this month again goes out to some of our super-active Journeymen: Araxis "Stormreaver" Farron, Roxas, Sarconn and the almighty Locke Sonjie, for flooding my inbox with medal/SA exam pass emails. Congratulations, guys- keep doing what you're doing!

You want stuff to do that isn't run-on related? My my, aren't you greedy. Here's some competitions- get stuck in!

Praetor's Presents (Graphics) (DB-Wide):

Trials of the Bastion (Fiction, for members of the Bastion):

Kano's Weekly Flash Game 3 (Flash Game, for the Night Raptors BT):

Defying The Laws of Tetris (Flash Game, for the Night Hawks BT):

The Bounty (Fiction, for members of House Marka Ragnos):

Also, as I mentioned above, I'll have a couple of other competitions out shortly, including some more trivia questions for you all to wrack your brains over... so look out for those!

Welp, now that the Easter holidays have firmly finished, Manji's back at university properly... and Latin has been kicking his ass rather hard. I think I'm getting a better grasp on it now, but for a little while it was all rather hairy- the number of tenses suddenly multiplied, and we had an absurdly high amount of stuff to try and remember. To be honest, we still have an absurdly high amount of stuff to try and remember, but I think I'm just about on top of that. Next week needs to be a work week, though- I have a 3000 word essay to write on the reconquests of the Byzantine emperor Justinian, which should be interesting, but requires me to get back into essay-writing mode. I don't like essay-writing mode. :P

That's all for now- until next time, keep up the great work (and apply for PCON! :P)

**KPN Manji Keibatsu Sadow (Krath)/CON-PROF/Naga Sadow

Consul of Clan Naga Sadow**

Nice report :)

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