New RHoJ!


New RHoJ!

After reviewing the applications I received for RHoJ, one candidate clearly stood out - Angelo Dante will be our next RHoJ. I'm certain Angelo will serve the CoJ well - since he has already served as LHoJ, and gained the Dark Sage of Law degree. I'd like to thank all the applicants, and also thank Taig for his service as RHoJ over the last six months!

The next position to open up will be LHoJ in August, so keep an eye out for that!

Congratulations Dante. Your the perfect man for the job.

Nice job Dante, keep it up!

Congrats Dante!

Congratulations, Dante. Have fun being part of the judicial system here.


I'll try and do as good of a job as RHOJ that I did as LHOJ....

Hopefully there won't be as many cases during this tenure though... :)

Congratulations!! :P you'll do great!

Grats Dante!

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