Announcements - Seneschal


Announcements - Seneschal


Well, I've spent about 4 hours now looking through the code for the Headmasters administration options, and it's made me think quite a bit. What I've discovered is a better way to handle both the security in the database, and the Shadow Academy. What this means however, is a bit of work on the Database, some re-structuring so to speak. As a result, I'm going to be recoding quite a few things over the next week. The headmaster will see the most changes, while general people will only see a few. Some of the main things this is going to achieve are:
-News posting for Cons/PCons
-Increased admin options for the Headmaster
-COMPLETE Id-Lines (medals/gmrg/ksoe) all up to date
-Addition of some new medals from the EH to the Database
-A switch from Member based security to Position based security, meaning it doesn't matter what you're id is, it matters what your position is. (this was originally the way things were done before my first coding, and I've discovered it's the easiest to manage... so back we go) :)

Changes will all occur at once since almost all the pages will have to be edited to a small degree for the security change over. Otherwise, it should be a seamless thing to most. I'm hoping this will also make the site a little more 'Netscape' friendly for those of you that are hard core Netscape fans :P

DA Grail SoulChaser (Sith)/SCL

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