Announcements - Obelisk High Commander


Announcements - Obelisk High Commander

  1. EH wide competition with a JK ladder is now going on. Sign up for the ladder. The site is I haven't seen a whole lot of participation from you lot on the ladder yet. Ast put a lot of work into this and I'll be damned if it goes to waste. How do you expect the order to get better if you can't participate in something so simple as a ladder?

  2. Obelisk site is up even though many of the features are not yet available. Have a look at

  3. Big Obelisk competition as soon as I can finish the coding. Not much left so be on the lookout. Check the competitions part of the site for details. Multiplayer competitions are also listed there for your convenience. Speaking of multiplayer comps, participate. You get CFs just for winning. A lot better than playing just for fun eh? :P

  4. I haven't as of yet decided on anyone for any staff positions besides M:OHC Shadow. Therefore, I'll be taking apps for M:OHC number 2. The main thing I want you to be able to do is test and find good singleplayer JK levels for me. Therefore if you're applying be sure to attach a good level you've found with a written analysis about it. Other than that include any other skills like HTML, PHP, graphics, etc.

  5. I'll be cracking down on lazy QUAs and AEDs now. First order of business under that is reports. Basically you do them or you find out the hard way why you should have done them. Due by the end of today.

  6. GMRG is now being reformed. I deleted everyone from the roster except for Shadow and myself. Seperate announcement to come in a minute about the rest.

  7. Obby CORE exam is being worked on now, so you'll hear Mejas rejoicing when it's done I'm sure.

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