Scholae Palatinae QUA Report - 7/23/2010


Scholae Palatinae QUA Report - 7/23/2010

So, alot happened in the last 24 hours. Let's go over them one by one.

a) House Scholae Palatinae:

To those in the know, it did not come as much of a surprise. We were down to forty-seven members overall and of those forty-seven, about eight were leaders with a stack of Team leaders adding even more to the count. Muz presented us with two scenario's and this was option one. Option two consisted of abolishing the Houses but keeping the Clan status (this also dissolved Battleteams and the Rollmaster position. Personally, I like the current setting better.

If I remember correctly, we are keeping our Honourific system (so the Palpatines are still a part of us AND we get to keep our powers) and in the future we'll have the option to return to Clan status if we have the membership to back it up.

In case there are more questions on this matter, please let me know and I'll answer them privately or publicly (depending on their overall importance).

b) Teams:

As Korras informed me, we've been allotted four Battleteams. With regards to naming, I had considered the following:

Battle Team Acclivis Draco

Battle Team Caliburnus

Battle Team Dorimad Sol

And as the fourth team I would suggest: Battle Team Sidious. However, I am opening the floor for suggestions with regards to the name of our fourth team. I'll create a poll on the Forums later today containing all suggestions I've received by then so we can democratically decide on a name.

c) Job opportunities:

I'm looking for four BTL's (battleteam leaders) to run our teams.


Battleteam leader duties


  • Rank of Jedi Hunter

  • No prior experience required (it is a bonus though)

  • Email turn-about of 24 hours (i.e.: check your email at least once every day)

  • Strong IRC presence

I'll accept applications until the 30th of this month (one week to apply (I need to fill these spots fast))

I'm also looking for an Aedile (AED).


Aedile duties

Proconsul duties


  • Minimum rank of E1 (KP/OT/SW)

  • Prior experience in any post above BTL

  • Email turn-about of 24 hours or less

  • Strong IRC-presence (remember you'll be second in command for HSP)

I'll accept applications until the 30th of this month (one week to apply before I appoint one of the old QUA's)

I'm also looking for a Rollmaster (RM).


Rollmaster duties

  • running our Master-Student Program (MSP)


  • Prior experience as RM

  • Email turn-about of 24 hours or less

  • Strong IRC presence

  • Loads of patience (you'll deal with all the new members)

I'll accept applications until the 30th of this month (one week to apply before I appoint one of the old RMs).

Now, you may have noticed that I am asking for experienced members in the RM and AED slots. Technically the AED will be a combo of PCON and AED in duties (just as how I'll be a CON and QUA in actual duties). I need experienced members in these posts simply to ensure our House runs smoothly.

For the Team leader spots: I'll probably appoint one or two experienced members for those but am leaving the option for a less experienced member to apply. If you don't get the BTL spot due to lack of rank or experience, remember that the teams have flight leader positions and can lead to the BTL recommending you to take over when they retire.


Every member who was in a House and wants to be in a team, let me know ASAP and I'll get you in the one you prefer. I'm working on a "first come first served" principle here. The teams have a max limit of 9 members! Once that's full, I'll have to turn down your request and ask if you want to join another team.

Current teams for applications will be:

1) Team Acclivis Draco

2) Team Dorimad Sol

3) Team Caliburnus

4) Team TBA

e) DBWiki:

With the changes to Scholae Palatinae comes a need for a DJBwiki editing spree. Not only will house and clan history pages have to be added to and edited, but any and all pages containing the words "Clan Scholae Palatinae" in Category:Scholae Palatinae will have to be altered. The Battleteam pages will need to be altered to show their closed status. The House pages will be updated to show them as Battleteams on different planets.

Every page needs to be ironed out so that the word clan is only used historically, relating to the past, so that all of our information is up to date.

Therefore, I am giving each and every one of you an opportunity to work on the wiki for a just reward. Those who edit five wiki pages or below will receive a Dark Cross; those who edit five wiki pages or above will receive an Anteian Cross. E-mail me at my regular address if you are interested, so that I can link you to category:Scholae Palatinae and direct you on how to edit the pages I assign you. I prefer those with mechanically sound writing technique to volunteer, but anyone is welcome. You are all free to edit your own pages yourselves but I'd like to assign the Clan one's myself. I don't do this for no reason, I'm trying to keep a level of (quality) control over what's done to them.

f) Ending note:

As you see, my reports are bare text. If anyone feels up to making me banners and stuff, cool (and I'll see you're properly rewarded for it). You'll probably will also have to teach me how to use said banners though.

P.S.: Yes I pilfered the DBWiki section from Ronovi's report. I did so for two reasons: 1) He explained the stuff better then I could have done and 2) I particularly like the reward thingie

P.P.S: One hell of a first report but one hell of a new situation no?

In Darkness,

Ood Bnar Scythe'rae

KAP Ood Bnar Scythe'rae (Krath)/QUA-PROF/Scholae Palatinae [ACC: TRT]

SC-SoF / AC-RoF / DC-SiP / GN / BN-BL / Cr-2A-6S-4E-3T-3Q / CF / CI-GC / DSS-AuL / SoF-GL / LS-PL / SoL / S:-10D-1Dk-5P-4U-3B


Whoa, DJBwiki stuff gave me deja vu. I wonder why. :P

Thanks for giving me credit, though. Though you might want to remember I'm a "she" for future references.

i noticed the error after it was posted, felt silly to alter it though.

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