Announcements - Master At Arms


Announcements - Master At Arms

  1. The roster currently stands at 919 members. That is up from last week's count of 904.

  2. The following appointments were made this past week:
    SBM William "MiSFiT" Flechette (Sith)/AED/Archanis of Taldryan
    KE Synjin 'Hades' Erebor (Krath)/M:SHW
    OBM Crusader (Obelisk)/M:HM/QUA/Dorimad Sol of Scholae Palatinae

  3. The following worthy evaluations were made this past week:
    OW Waza Sunrider (Obelisk)/AED/Kirleta of Satal Keto
    DJK Brian (Sith)/Oriens Obscurum of Arcona

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