Major Wiki Changes?


Major Wiki Changes?

Edit 2: All clans are now done. Looks about time to be updating your histories and character pages, no?

Edit: Arcona, Naga Sadow, Plagueis and Tarentum are complete and should get to work updating and editing their articles as they see fit.

Scholae Palatinae and Taldryan will be completed in (my) morning, a news post will be posted as soon as they are done.

Important note for everyone:

Don't make any major changes to the wiki as far as renaming or moving pages goes (yet). Over the next few days I will be going through everything and renaming pages and fixing redirects etc to insure every house follows the same naming conventions.

If you do see red links in categories, don't stress it means I am part way thorough that category and haven't completed the actual rename yet (it will come, be patient).

Feel like helping out, drop me a line and I will give you a quick debriefing and point you towards a mountain of work, possibly while throwing shinny Wiki Awards in your general direction.

Out of curiosity, will Revan's name also be modified, as it's no longer the only "independent house"?

Only if they request it :P

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