The "Write" Stuff - SA Competition


The "Write" Stuff - SA Competition

It's time for the DB membership to compete for the next Shadow Academy exam. Always wanted to have your topic discussed in the SA? Here's your chance. The Academy is looking for new ideas for exams, and we want YOU to write up an actual exam, in your own words.

When choosing a topic for your exam, make sure it isn't already chosen. For example, don't try and write an exam about Lightsabers, when we offer several exams on the subject.

Onto awards. I'll be awarding 1st level Crescents for the top three submissions. The winner (1st place) will have his/her exam hosted as an actual SA exam. Merit awards will also be given out for excellent submissions as I see fit. You have 30 days. Get all submissions in to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] before August 25th. Good luck!

His Excellency,

Taigikori Aybara Dupar

Headmaster of the Brotherhood

Me is confused. When you're talking about "exam"... You're talking about the course or just the exam itself? =P

Course. :)

Great competition idea, I'm excited!

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