Announcements - Sith High Warrior


Announcements - Sith High Warrior

G'day G'day G'day,
Well, it's obviously that time of the week again, and it means I get to babble out a whole bunch of announcements, that nobody really reads anyways... so here I go.

1) Still waiting on word from Judge concerning the use of all I really need is to be able to gain access to the databases which I'll be uploading, and I'll be fine. Until then, the SHW site will remain at except it won't be updated, downloading databases from brinkster is not worth the effort.

2) Announcement of my First Magistrate was done yesterday, so once again, congratulations to KE Synjin Hades Erebor, his advice is already helping out in my office, with a new competition idea already submitted. With him, and a few of my other trusted advisors, we'll be making sure the Sith Order is doing some very fun activities in the near future.

3) Remember the "Appease the Almighty SHW Image Competition" and get those submissions in, I only have about 5, it's not that hard to make an image... even if you just slap it together, it means I know you exist, and I'm a good friend to have :P (

4) Participate in DGM Astatine's Prelude to Andevia Competition, ( it's pretty fun, and I got yelled at to include this in my report... oh wait, I didn't, forget I said that. Also, if you feel like challenging a really rusty SHW to XvT, just find me on IRC, if I'm ever actually there.

5) On the note of people actually challenging me to see how rusty I am, I'm giving notice that I'll be on leave from Saturday until Wednesday evening next week. I have three final examinations coming up on Monday -> Wednesday, and I have some major studying to do this weekend. I'll probably keep coming on irc, even though my better judgement says I shouldn't, but my lack of work ethic will use you people as an excuse :P

6) I've sent a couple communiques to the QUAs and AEDs of all the Sith Houses, and unfortunately, they weren't that pleasant. Hopefully I got my point across, and things will start changing. I wouldn't want to have to get really pissed off.

7) Still working with TAC Striker on getting better co-operation between our Offices, but promising steps are being taken. As such, SCL Grail has started work on adding and integrating the Medal of Tactics into the Dark Brotherhood Database. As soon as that is completed, all future Dark Brotherhood Battles will be awarded accordingly, on your Dark Brotherhood dossier. That's a good step to be sure, but we hope to continue going forward, and possibly developing our own Beta Testing Team, under the TAC Offices supervision. I'll keep you posted as developements come in.

8) I have an idea concerning the proposal of getting CoFs awarded for such activities as participating in the Weeks of War hosted on the zone. I have yet to contact COO Brucmack concerning this matter, but I hope to start work on it soon.

9) Finally, I may be opening the 2nd Magistrate Position in the near future. It will be a primarily flying post, and it will require you to have all 3 Game Platforms, and copious amounts of time... just the sort of job for say... a college student :P

10) Okay, I'm done. Enjoy your weekend everybody.

Oh, and try to keep all the booze down :)

Warlord Keirdagh "Yacko" Cantor
Sith High Warrior of the Dark Brotherhood
Flight Member of the Grand Master's Escort, Tau

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