Arcona Quaestor Report #1


Arcona Quaestor Report #1

Arcona Quaestor Report #1


Hello and welcome to my first report as your all-powerful and benevolent ruler! Joking aside, I’d like to take the time and space here to thank my predecessor and all of the work that he did in the job. Celahir was a great leader and a good friend, and while it was a shame to see him having to step down, it just showed how good a leader he really was, acknowledging when he didn’t have the time to devote to you all and stepping aside to let me do my bit. He will be around, so you don’t need to cry yourselves to sleep over his absense, but he will be taking time to concentrate on his rl commitments so he won’t be around as much as he was. Instead, you get me you unlucky sods you.

A little bit about me (again), I’ve been a member of the Brotherhood for a good few years now and a member of Arcona for that whole time. I’ve seen this Clan go from it’s lows to it’s highs and then back down to it’s lows again. It happens, and while we may be a House now, I feel that we still have the spirit which helped Arcona to be the first Clan to break Taldryan’s death grip on the GJWs (sorry, had to slip that in there Tallys). I like to think I’m a relatively nice guy, easy to approach and talk to about most everything, so feel free to come to me if you’re bored or need a helping hand, it’s what I’m here for. Most of all though, I’m here to give you guys a helping hand and make you all the best you can be, which I fully intend to do.

Right, that section was longer than I thought it’d be, so let’s move on shall we?


-For the most recent Voice and Fist reports, look below this one on the DB site (which you should check regularly kids!)

-Vendetta is on the horizon and I want to see Arcona prove what we can do this time. We were beaten last time, but it wasn’t an easy ride for any of our opponents, so let’s put the fear of Hades into our opponents and really gear ourselves up for this one.

-The GMRG is alive and kicking once more. To join their ranks, you need to pass the SA course that was recently released and then compete in the gaming nights. Considering the sheer amount of gaming events on offer, that shouldn’t prove too troubling and you might even have the honour of destroying me along the way, what more is there to want?

-On to more local matters, we have just witnessed the beginning of our new House-wide event ‘The Rumble’. It’s only a few days in and already it’s looking like it could be quite a close contest at the top, but we are always looking for more participants. There are loads of events to choose from, so even if you only do one or two things it will help you and your team-mates out no end, so please do take part.

-As previously mentioned, Celahir has stepped down to concentrate on his rl some more, and we have also seen another of our summit step aside for the same reason. I’d like to personally thank Talos for the work he did as our RM, he took to the job like a fish to water and hopefully he will be back around sooner rather than later once his rl is sorted. In his stead, we have Timeros taking over the position and helping all our budding youngsters find their feet. You all know him, you all love him and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that I look forward to working with him now he’s officially on the summit once more.

-’The King and Gods’, our joint RO with Tarentum is still ongoing, even though we haven’t mentioned it in a while. For those of you who signed up, why not submit a post or two more to wrap it up and set your mind at ease. You can find it at so go nuts.

-Apart from that, be sure to keep up to date with all new happenings on the DB site. It’s a useful place to visit even if fleetingly so be sure to check in there regularly for anything else that might be going on.

Medals & Promos

-Lokar Dedar to Novice! Well done, keep up the good work and you’ll have a lightsaber before you know it!

-Quiet week, but that’ll change soon enough.


-Sang completed the Mando studies, well done him.

-Jamez Gabriel did GMRG History, good job!

In’s and Out’s

-Welcome to Lokar Dedar, Yonken yha piper and nagor, glad to have you in the fold!

-No one has left us, which is always nice to see.

Final Thoughts

So, it’s been a nice few days to welcome my reign of not-quite-terror over you all. I’m liking what I see so far and I’m pleased with the state of the House. We have a strong summit, good membership and relatively good participation in the Rumble we’re running. Remember, the Vendetta is around the corner and I fully intend to lead from the front, and I hope to see more than a few of you right there with my in the thick of things. We put up a fight but lost last time, this time I want to see us put up a fight and storm through to take the prize. We can do it, we showed that before, we just need to recreate what we had back then and there isn’t really anything that can stand before us.

Also, if anyone wants to make me some prettiness for this report, it won’t go unnoticed (hint hint nudge nudge etc).

If you’ve read this far, pat yourself on the back and go grab a drink, you’ll probably need it after all my rambling.


Zandro Savric Erinos Arconae
Arcona QUA

Good introduction report Zandro. And that was a relatively mild poke at us Tallys, what happened to the boiling hate? <3

I don't hate, I just seethe in the corner, and as pokes go, it was pretty tame :P

Good to see a report from you, Zandro. Looking forward to working with you and Arcona. :D

Welcome to the Dark Summit, Zandro. I can't wait to see your work unfold. :)

It's like a who's who of Quaestors commenting on this. Shame I had to go and spoil it.

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