Preator to the Fist


Preator to the Fist

Congrats to Fremoc for the new position.

Now I want to clear this up, hes awarded this based on his past and current efforts for this club, I cant thank him enough for that.

He has the same authority as I do, and his word goes. Do not come to me crying cause you got spanked, as I will agree 100% with him in every case. We both are on the same page for what needs to be done. So congratulate him on his appointment.

Also I still have apps open for 1 magistrate...when that ends, is when we both see one we like.

Congratulations, Fremoc! You are for sure the right person for Praetor to the Fist, and I cannot think of anyone more capable of maintaining the gaming community alongside Smoke. I look forward to seeing you further improve gaming within the DB!

congrats fremoc

Yay Fremoc congrats

Outstanding! Way to represent, Fre!

Congratulations, Fremoc! Welcome to the Praetorian Diet!

Thanks everyone, and thanks Fist for giving me the job!

Grats Fremoc!

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