Vendetta: Disorder


Vendetta: Disorder


As of midnight EST, the Vendetta, 'Disorder' will open. <p> The website is to be found here:<p> At the vendetta site, you will find not only the basic rules and events, but also the Comic explaining the backstory behind the current vendetta.<p>

-> <- <p> The biggest difference for this vendetta will be that instead of fighting with your house, you will be fighting with your order. This will be an ORDER WAR. Sith will fight Obelisk, Obelisk will fight Krath, and Krath will fight Sith. Awards will flow with the blood of your foes. Promotions will happen on the field of battle. And the activity of each house's members will help determine which house may become a clan first.<p> Some credit, where it's due, first. The website was coded, and the website graphics are due to the awesome efforts of Orv d'Tana. The comic was commissioned from and drawn by Anthony Warne, from Jedi Art Trick. His DeviantArt site is here, and several of our members have already purchased character images from him. You can see his work in the comic. I wrote the storyline and drew the cover. Halc and Smoke both have helped me get the events together for the event.<p> As I have said in previous reports, the vendetta will run for three weeks, with new events opening up (and more comic pages) every week. Seals will be awarded, as will Novae and Clusters of Fire where appropriate. If you have any questions with how anything works, feel free to ask any DC member for clarification.<p> Have fun, --Muz</p></p></p></p></p></p></p>

Bring it, Krath and Sith!

generic Obelisk taunt drinks the blood of his enemies

Need some celery with that bloody mary? ;)

Obelisk FTW.

Also, I gotta hand it to Anthony. That was some amazing artwork, very fitting to the story and the tone. It's an honor to have him in Tarentum and as someone who's done a lot of my own character's art.

Someone promote that man! :P

...and maybe make him change to the winning side..... :P

I'd never buy that comic. Just sayin'. :P

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