Wiki Tribune Applications - Reminder


Wiki Tribune Applications - Reminder

Tribune Report

Remember, just three days left to get your applications in. There will not be an extension.

What I'm looking for in the future Wiki Tribunes is:

  • Rank of DJK or higher

  • An thorough understanding of the Wiki and it's rules (you will be the one enforcing them, after all)

  • Have passed the two wiki courses at the Shadow Academy

  • Ideally over 1,000 edits on our wiki (or Wookieepedia/major wiki project)

In your applications please include:

  • A new policy you would like to implement

  • A current policy you would change (and why)

  • At least one major goal you would strive to achieve during your Tribuneness.

Send applications to Muz and I.

End of Report

The wiki staff need your help to identify three things:

DJBWikipedians - Nominate here!

Featured Articles - Nominate here!

Quotes - Nominate here!

If you know of anyone (or anything) to nominate, feel free to do so via the links above. As always, if you need help ask a staffer.

End of Report



... it's like he is Justing Beiber and you all are 12 year old girls :P

Dude, that was a brutal comment. :P

It's true though Anubis, only I can see you as more annoying than Justin Beiber. :P

How the f*** is Justin Beiber? :D and Anubis for T:WIKI

Justin's just fine, Rian, thanks for asking.

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