Day of the Fox


Day of the Fox


Today is the Day of the Fox. The Day of the Fox is one of the two holidays we have here in the Brotherhood. Commemmorating the start of Grand Master Firefox's reign and the start of the chain of events that led us to our independence, the Day of the Fox also marks the start of a new fictional year. We celebrate this holiday by awarding the coveted Seal of Loyalty to those among us who have demonstrated significant drive to improve the Brotherhood and willingness to help the club survive and thrive.

Without all of our members, we would not have existed as long as we have. The following members have shown dedication beyond mere membership, and have worked long and hard to make this a better place to be for all of us. Please take a moment and recognize them.

Angelo Dante

Brent 'Archangel'


Driftan Housan


Orv d'Tana

Kano Pepoi

Macron Sadow





Rian Aslar


Sanjuro Keibatsu

Daniel Stephens


Ma'ar Ga-Tir

Ronovi Tarentae

Halcyon Taldrya

Sashar Arconae

Please accept these Seals of Loyalty as a token of our esteem. Thank you again, for your continued efforts on our behalf.


Congrats all!

Congratulations guys and girls! You deserve them.

Congrats guys!

Congratulations to everyone! Enjoy your new shinies!

Congrats to all, and thanks! I'm quite surprised in a good way. :)

Congrats to everyone on the list!!!

Congratulations everyone! Thanks for making this club so awesome to be in.

But Halc has soo many...

Congrats to all of you! And to those who didn't for still working to make this club great!

smacks Vodo

And congrats to everyone on their SoL's!

smacks Vodo

And congrats to everyone on their SoL's!

Grats to everyone else, but how in Slice's name did I get one? :P

Congratulations to all the worthy recipients of this fine award.

What they said.

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