Taldryan Quaestor Report


Taldryan Quaestor Report

Report #4

My goodness, it really has been forever since my last report, huh? I didn’t feel it necessary to post a report during the Vendetta, so I put it off until afterward. I was also hoping to have the Vendetta awards done, but alas, our beloved Master At Arms was sick. I do have stuff to report on, though!

(Note: also, thanks to our fans who pointed out the work of my gangster keyboard in my earlier report header. I found it humorous that I’d been posting it for 2 reports prior and had not noticed it myself.)

First off, just as a recap for the turnout of the Vendetta, Disorder which ran from the 1st of October until the 21st of October. The theme of the Vendetta was as usual: power hungry people going berserk against each other; though this time, it was the Dark Council siding with their Orders. Sith, Krath and Obelisk went head to head in almost every platform within the Dark Brotherhood besides the Antei Combat Center and Shadow Academy. In the end, of course the Obelisk won. There was no question about it, we (Obelisk) pwned the Sith and Krath. GO BLUE!

Secondly, Vexxtal **(AKA Windos) has resigned as Tribune of the DJKWiki**. Applications were opened and there was a successor chosen for Windos: our very own Aedile, Anubis Annedu is our newest Wiki Tribune! I’m delighted (and scared) to have Annie as Tribune, and I know the rest of you are as delighted as I am. But most importantly, be sure to thank Windos for his amazing contributions to the Dark Brotherhood through the Wiki and as an advisor, as he really pulled his weight and we have benefited from it greatly. Thanks, Windozzz! You can read the latest T:W report by Anubis HERE

Thirdly, Bryar Bowl IV: Bryar Free or Bryar Hard’ has begun. After various hiccups in the schedule, and server issues, it’s finally running on its feet yet again. The 2nd round is currently underway, and it’s looking quite interesting. Let’s be sure to give a big steady round of applause to our boys Duga, Ben and Enigma who are still in the running! Make me proud…

Fourthly, ** Seals of Loyalty have been awarded** to the Brotherhood. Our very own Halcyon, Rian and ** Anubis** have been awarded this fine award for their exemplary dedication to making the Brotherhood such a special place. You can view the rest of the awardees’ HERE

Fifthly, House Scholae Palatinae is accepting applications for the Rollmaster position within their House. Requirements are:

1) DJK or above (JH applications will be accepted but your application will have to be very good and you'll have to be sponsored by a BTL, Summit member or DC member)
2) Email turnaround of 48 hours (absolute maximum (24 hours preferred)).
3) Steady IRC presence (on at least every other day for more then an hour).
4) A willingness to deal with crap (they're new members, remember when you were like that? (If not, then really think hard before applying))
5) Must NOT be on any super secret probation with the Grand Master or Dark Council

If anyone in Tal is interested in this position, I would be glad to sponsor you and support you for this. There are some further suggestions of what Ood is looking for in his Rollmaster – if you are serious about this position you should be able to find the rest of them on the DJB news post. If you wish to do this application process by independently without help from the Summit, my only request is that you Cc’ myself and Anubis when you send in your application. Thanks, and good luck!

Sixthly, and lastly, the Fist has started his monthly Training days for the gaming community. His group of trainers for each platform looks strong, and personally, I’m looking forward to getting some JO training from Taig and Ben on the 20th of November and the 4th of December. You can check out more details HERE

Vendetta Awards:

Now, we get to In-House participation for the war. We didn’t do the hottest in regards to amount of participants as a House, but we more than made up for it with how many of Tal’ members placed in the events. Although we are still waiting for the Clusters of Ice, the Novae and the Seals for this war, your participation and placements were still accounted for. To also add to your already outstanding record in participation, your communication with one another via IRC and email threads was a key factor in the recommendation process, as was your conduct throughout the event. Safe to say, you guys were a perfect crowd to lead, and CON’s of Tal in the past should be jealous of how easy I had it. <3

Below are the members who went ahead of the crowd and put their leading foot forward to take their order that much closer to being the top and setting an example for what a true Vendetta should look like:
DJM Howlader: A Dark Cross for his ever outgoing personality, but most importantly kicking it old-school for his House, proving that even being old you can still play your ancient XWA and get a sexy Bronze Novae.
SW Ayden Dane: A Dark Cross for his fantastic turnout in submissions while battling Real Life and bringing his ‘A’ game for his House.
SBL Vardar Fen’Amar Taldrya: A Dark Cross for proving that even a lame Sith like himself can still keep the Art of Vendetta rolling in gaming, graphics and fiction.
OP(AWESOME)M Benevolent Taldryan Whiner: An Antein Cross for his stellar placement First and Second in two separate events, and cashing in over 79 Clusters of Fire added along with the rest of his participation.
OP Raiju Kang: A Steel Cross for tying 2nd most active member in Taldryan, for earning 44 CF’s, a Silver and a Bronze Nova, and for prior activity within the month of September. Great job, man.
KAP Alexander Anderson: A Steel Cross for being the most active member in Taldryan. No placing necessary, Xander is by far one of the more vocal members within Taldryan, his presence on IRC over the Vendetta being more than stellar. For being a Krath, he did some nasty gaming, graphics, fiction and an even larger amount of misc. events. You pwn, man… Tal’ style.
DJK Rian Aslar: A Grand Cross of the Dark Side Is no small award, and requires dedication past standard Vendetta activity. Earning a Silver Nova was the least of his accomplishments, his activity ranging from reports as Battleteam leader of Phoenix, to outstanding IRC activity, to being a great leader to his members and others within the House.

And, lastly, the award that comes long overdue, and is awarded for going beyond standard activity, standard leadership. I am proud to announce the awarding of the first Tier in the Sacramental Awards, the Sapphire Blade, to Sith Warrior Anubis Annedu. I would go on to write all about why Anubis deserves this award, and to be honest, I know there’s tons that I’ve missed, but that’s where you all can go read his recommendation for his SB. Just let it be known that Anubis has worked tirelessly - and continues to do so – on all front of the DB, and that is the reason why he earned this prestigious award.

A big shout out also goes too… Shadow, Vodo, Bubbles, Chaos, Vlad and Kanzuki.

DJB On the Loose Results:

Overall it was a pretty good last-minute turnout for this event. Congrats to the winners, your crescents have been awarded!
First place went to Orv
Second place to Kano
Third place to Vodo

Other participants were:

Gaming Competitions:

-> [FIST] JA Guns Only | [FIST] Chess Month! | May Your Force be Unleashed Too | [FIST] Gaming Fun

Fiction Competitions:

[VOICE] Reviews | [VOICE] Load the Can(n)ons #3 | [VOICE]Jedi Tracker | [VOICE] Hymn of Victory

Misc. Competitions:

Report Lyrics

I don’t have much more to say. It’s been a busy month for me, and I’m sure all of you are right there with me. I do want to let you all know that there’s a possible Three-Way House Feud/competition coming up in early 2011, between Taldryan,Tarentum and Naga Sadow. Keep your eyes peeled for more news on that as further plans develop. Thanks, first of all, to Ronovi for wanting to bridge some rather harsh-relational gaps between Tar and Tal from the past and bringing forth this idea. Also to Sai for going along with coming up with plans too. It’s nice to work with other responsible, well-equipped Quaestors.

Secondly, Anubis and I are scheming a nice program for training future leaders within our House. We’ve only just begun talking about it, but we are both set on having it run. We’re taking a leaf from Vladet and Tarax’s Intern Rollmaster program (which ultimately was what got me hooked on leadership), just making it more relevant to our current House situation. So stay tuned for that as well.

Until then Tal, keep it real, and keep it cool. Talpwnz.

Xmas TT edition anyone? Comment on the report if you want one.

I found it funnier that we looked at those headers for like an hour straight as we were working on them and never noticed. :P Also, thanks for the SB, you pwn, and YUS for XMas issue of the TT.

Bro... where you have the code:

<li> First place went to: Orv

<li>Second place to: Kano

<li>Third place to: Vodo

would you mind adding on either end of the list? The newspage below third has been turned into one giant list index item :P</li></li></li>

You are kidding me haha. You know what I mean anyway? the list needs unordered list tags around it or the last list index needs a closing tag so that the rest of the page isn't considered part of it (including the reports below yours).

Yeah, time to take a pride shot and go take Orv's awesome HTML Primer course. "Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to add HTML to your reports and/or news articles without the SCL breathing down your neck about screwing up the front page of the DJB." Fits in this situation, I think. <3 Orv

Looks good now ;)

There's no way that I'm the only person that wants an XMas TT issue. Speak up people. :P

Little known fact...when we came up with the concept of the Bryar Bowl, I was the one who came up with its name, the titles of Pimp and Bitch (and how they were to be used), and the idea to use Die Hard names. But do I get any credit for it? Noooooooooooooooo.

grumble grumble

Also, much known fact: Kir is gay.

Tarax... wasn't that the guy who left his super-awesome clan, the one that came up with the Bryar Bowl - for the rogues? </3

Also, I bet you didn't think of what would happen if we got to BB V, huh? Did ya'!? I thought not.

I thought having a Christmas issue of the TT would have been obvious. :P

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