Arcona Quaestor Report #2


Arcona Quaestor Report #2

Arcona Quaestor Report #2


Well, it’s been a little while since I’ve written one of these and quite a bit has happened. The Vendetta came and went and you all did brilliantly. While we didn’t win every single event and we didn’t have five times as many participants as everyone else combined, we did have a large number of us participating in events as well as seeing several of our members place in events. We’re proving that we can be active and that we are just as (if not more) worthy of getting our Clan status back than anyone else out there. You’ve all done yourselves proud, but this is by no means the end of the road. There is still a long way to go before we can call ourselves a Clan once more, but with this Vendetta we have taken a big step towards the goal. We need to keep this up and then, one day, we’ll be Clan Arcona once more.

Along similar lines, we have had the Arcona Rumble finish just prior to the Vendetta, with our very own Sashar Erinos winning the event overall. An email was sent out about this, but I’ll probably dig it out to rehash everything and make sure that you have all been rewarded for it, so stay tuned for that

We have also seen a reshuffle of our summit, with Driftan having to step down due to RL issues that meant he could not continue as Aedile. Drift was a fantastic summit member, a good foil for my idiocy and he will be sorely missed. However, filling his shoes is Wuntila who has been around for a good while now and has the backing of everyone on the summit. He’s good kids, be thankful he’s here to keep me in check. Along with Wuntila’s appointment, we have Etah returning to the summit in charge of the newly re-commissioned Black Hammer team and I for one am looking forward to seeing how he does with his new team. Congratulations to both of you.


-Vendetta is over, you all did good, grats everyone.

-Rumble also concluded, Sashar won, someone knock him off his perch please.

-Upcoming event with Tarentum in the works, expect something unexpected (Like me not getting captured for once)!

-CoLs were awarded this week, many congratulations to Sashar, Marick, Driftan and Orv for their awards, all thoroughly deserved.

-Drift steps down due to RL, Wuntila steps up to the plate in his place with Etah returning to lead Black Hammer to glory.

-Wuntila’s report came out this week and was extremely informative, be sure to read it!

-The King and the Gods runon is still going on, despite what you might think. Even if you haven’t posted in it yet, be sure to do so now, it’s not too late to get involved. Can be found at

-Be sure to check the DB main site on a regular basis, it’s got a lot of things there so make sure you don’t miss anything.

Medals & Promos

-These were mostly covered in Wuntila’s report, but I wanted to make a special mention here for one member who has really filled up my inbox with his achievements recently. Celevon Edraven has been making the SA his wench recently, racking up an extremely impressive 15 courses passed, as well as going straight to Protector within 2 weeks of being here. Very, very good work Celevon, be sure to keep it up!

In’s and Out’s

-Welcome to Hondor, jalanay burgoph, Shadowmaster, Venarous, Trent Devson, Braecen Kaeth, scorpious, Kenoc Xehort, dark tryanius, Kardashi Zenpachi, Risen Yan Yan, Tyrannius, Drakan, Darth_Akey, Sayar Fey'lya, Vonvel, Arathnicus, Tsar, hatten tanis, Seric, Zen Kupos, Celevon Edraven, Anoraxmas Valarion Sunreaver, Edmund, Apophis Undomiel. Big list, eh?

-Sadly, we lost VanWyck, good luck to him in his future endeavours.

Final Thoughts

Well, it’s been a while since my last one of these, but that doesn’t mean nothing has happened. We’ve had a Rumble, a Vendetta and a flurry of activity that I hope will keep going. We’ve shown that we can sprint; now it’s time to show we can go the distance without fading into obscurity as well. Keep up what you’re doing now and we’ll be fine. We’ve got some good stuff lined up for you to sink your teeth in to very soon, so stay tuned for that and, as always, if you ever have any problems or want to talk or are just bored, shoot me an email. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t bite.

Arcona Invicta!


Zandro Savric Erinos Arconae

Arcona QUA



Grats with the positions Wuntila and Etah. And a good, straight forward report you got here Zandro.

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