Training days, Magistrate and My internet time


Training days, Magistrate and My internet time

Training Days

Currently going on today!!!

Magistrate to the Fist

Congratulate Kano Pepoi when you see him, as he is the new M:Fist

My Internet Time

Just to give people the small update, I will be away from all internet connection for 2-3 weeks unless I can find a free wifi spot or use the colleges net, due to a issue with the tree service and the cable company (just in shot the tree service cut my line...and now I get to pay for it to be rewired from the pole to the house)

I will not be able to get on IRC, but if I get a chance to check email then I will. No promises though as the colleges net sucks, and they monitor all activity...but a free wifi spots are here in town, so I will do what I can to get to one periodically

So Fremoc and Kano are in total control until I can get this done, and get back on line.

See ya when this issue is all done.....ballz


You stole my saying! :P

Promise the place ain't burnt to the ground.

Congratulations on M:Fist, Kano. You and Fremoc make a good team as it is, let alone working with Smoke. By far the best gaming-staff I've seen.

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