House Odan-Urr Quaestor Report 11/15/2010


House Odan-Urr Quaestor Report 11/15/2010

Here's the non-stylized, Oberstified version... because if you're too lazy to check your email you don't deserve fancy colors.


  1. November, 2010

Good afternoon wimmins!

This is the first report for the first light side house of the first... well second*... Dark Jedi Brotherhood! Very exciting, right?

So let's get down to business. If you still haven't requested your personal fighter from the house's stores, please do as soon as possible. We're trying to get our military roster hammered out in the next week or so :).

(* - The Office of the Quaestor in no way supports or represents the EH, EHDB, or any of their affiliates)

House News

  • Jendan is named first HOU Rollmaster. She is a welcome breath of fresh air to another Ji-Windos summit and we can't wait to work with her.

  • Windos is renamed Solari to reflect his new light side character. So if some weird dude is chatting at you on IRC don't worry... it's just Windos and he's always been weird.

  • Pretty colors! Dark Side Orders have been converted to Light Side ones so go check out your dossiers! Sith -> Consular (green), Obelisk -> Guardian (light blue), Krath -> Sentinel (yellow)

  • No new ranks on the horizon. Muz confirms (and I agree) that it's just way too much work to implement for an experiment. So if we want new ranks for the lighties it's time to work work work and make the house a success together! :)

From the Wiki

  • Check out the New Tython article done as a collaboration between Sang and Korroth! It includes geological information about New Tython, a geological history of the planet, and information about the native Harakoans. Now featuring a drawing of a Harakoan, done by Korroth :)

  • If you still haven't read the Odan-Urr Prospectus article now's the time! All the basic information you'll need about the house is there.

  • The military article for Odan-Urr is still in the works but you can check it out here anyway just for funsies.

DB News

Not much here except for the creation of well... us...

  • Kir announces the new appeals panel. Congrats to Korras, Drift, and Taig!

  • Something about training to play super old games. Maybe we can petition for an ullamalitzli training day! (Wiki it if you don't know what it is)

  • Anubis announces his new and improved Wiki staff. Everybody thank him for his support and be sure to wish him luck!


Someone be sure to thank the Fist's staff for making life unnecessarily complicated and difficult. Next month's house competition will be to guess how many entries they actually got for each of those (hint: less than 1).

(db wide)

[FIST] Double CF Weekend - Entries due 28. November

Pretty simple, for this last weekend in November, for any match played (except Consoles), double cf's will be awarded.

[FIST] Console Gaming: Black Ops - Entries due 30. November

Since the week before this we are doing Medal of Honor, this week we are doing Call of Duty Black Ops. Just like the week before, any games for Call of Duty Black Ops are up for shinies.

[FIST] BF2 Week - Entries due 30. November

BF2 matches for this week for shinies.

[FIST] Console Gaming: MOH - Entries due 23. November

Medal of Honor matches from any console including PC are allowed during this week.

[FIST] Finally a Creative Competition Name - Entries due 26. November

Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast are both allowed...sabers only

Doesn't matter which one you prefer if it has sabers and hummms (like a dildo)....use it.

[FIST]RC Bag 'em and Tag 'em - Entries due 30. November

All RC matches apply, including any and all weapons.

LEGO DJB - Entries due 27. November

This Comp will test yours skills in the most brutal way, by drawing on the old window Paint programme, No photoshop or any other high tech programme, just plain Windows Paint. If your unfamiliar with it play around. Copy the template from this web site

and paint your character. The closet one to there character description, with good paint skills will win. mine are at the bottom to give an idea send them to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

[FIST] JA Guns Only - Entries due 16. November

JA matches with Guns only.

[Voice] Hymn of Victory - Entries due 30. November

Vikings of old would come up with prose and use it in songs to denote big victories and battles fought, either won or lost. Your task here would be to write an ode type song/poem in regards to the recent Vendetta and how your Order worked out or how your Order fought. You can pick a single event from the vendetta or do a song based on the entire vendetta.

Your entry must be in the form of prose or song. All submissions should go to Jade Sadow ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and Halcyon Taldrya ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

[VOICE] Jedi Tracker - Entries due 30. November

Although the conflict is over, the ramifications of the recent Order-war linger on. The details are still only rumours, but you have been brought in and informed of details that are known to only a few. It is a former member of the Brotherhood who appears to be behind the recent problems. You have been tasked by the Dark Council, in complete secrecy, to try and find a man named Michael Halcyon.

Your job is only to locate him, but not confront him. He cannot know that he is being hunted

OOC: The last page of the Disorder Comic showed us that Michael Halcyon was behind our recent problems. While your job is to "find" him, you will not be able to. This is only the beginning of your journey, and although you will not be able to locate him, you are to detail what you did to try and find him, and what other information you may have come up with

You story should be at least 2 pages minimum and sent to Halcyon Taldrya ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

[Voice] Load the Can(n)ons #3 - Entries due 30. November

Each month you will be given a Canon Character and you are to write an actual battle between yourself and this character.

Character of the Month: Since the new Force Unleashed was just released, I thought something appropriate would fit this month. Therefore you will be facing Galen Marek (aka. Starkiller)

Wiki Link:

Minimum 2-pages in 12-point font on any Word Processor. You will be judged on your writing and realism, similar to an ACC battle, but with the battle being written by one one combatant. As such, the use of your Character Sheet is important.

Send all submissions to Ji K'awiil des Oultrevent ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and Halcyon Taldrya ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

[VOICE] Reviews!

In December the Voice's Office will be opening up a forum where anyone can post and comment on reviews relating to any Star Wars novel and comic book series.

In honour of that, we will be having a competition in November for the first set of reviews. You may review any novel or Comic Book series you want (it can be either an entire series or storyline, but not an individual comic book).

Each review that is good enough to be posted will receive a Dark Side Scroll. Any review that is of high-quality will receive a Dark Cross. And since this is the first month, 1st Level Crescents to the Top 3 Reviews.

All submissions go to Halcyon Taldrya ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]). Reviews must be at least half-a-page to a page in length.

May your Force be Unleashed too - Entries due 15. November

Any Console version to the Force Unleashed 2.

Must send a "clear" screenshot of end credits and a picture of your box for Force Unleashed 2, with your DJB name and pin number written on paper to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

[Voice] Report Lyrics - Entries due after Halc Reports

At the end of every report I will post a line or two of lyrics from a song. You must guess the song and artists (can be any artist if a song has been covered). Post your answer on the Comments Page. First correct response wins

[FIST] Chess Month! - Entries due 30. November

blah blah blah blah gaming competition blah blah send entries to Smoke blah blah.

End of Year Gaming Awards - Entries due by 31. December

As we all know that having a great record is something to be proud of, just playing approved gaming in this club is fun, and enjoyable for most. Previously discussed with the MAA, and the GM. I will award the top 4 people based on the win-loss record. Tie breaker is done by losses. No percentages, no ratios are looked at or figured into this. Just play, win, and have fun. Will be awarded on Jan 1, 2011. Good Luck DJB, and make sure you are in the approved channel and read the rules for our gaming!!!!!!

(After reading through all these gaming competitions we all deserve gaming awards. I love how it's not based on ratios, it's based on your win:loss rati... I mean record... durp dee durr!)

(house wide)

None for now but there is one waiting on Korras' approval. As soon as it's done I'll send it out to you in a separate email.


No haikus or Wiki this time. Mostly because I'm tired after copy pasting all those blasted gaming competitions.

So jump on IRC and say hello!

<3 to all (except Jagen)


Bro, you need to spruse your [sand] up with some HTML :P

No way. I made the email one all pretty with colors and stuff :P You can eat your html!

The message is just as important without fancy graphics :P Nice report too

I feel good that I got a <3 for not being Jagen.

seems to me the new house came out of nowhere, but its a pleasant surprise for me! i cant wait to transfer, but have to wait till after the 22ed of November b4 i can >< i was rouge for a bit after my wiffy gave birth in September.


I got love from Ji! Wooo, I'd better give him some Sangloving back later. <_<

wait it's not April first, What gives :P

Ha ha, haha, cause you haven't already used THAT before :P

Nope, we're for real and not going anywhere... like a zit!

So, I was under the impression that we were trying to centralize things (clan downgrade to houses) in order to fix problems we have of not enough members wanting to participate. Our solution to being spread too thin is to.... spread ourselves thinner? That makes sense.

Don't get me wrong, I think a light side house is a great idea. My problem is that there are still seven dark side houses next to it. Logical.

I think the DC is hoping to add some more variety in an effort to rekindle interest in the membership base by expanding what we have to offer. Still, I have to agree with Aabs. This kind of takes a step backwards after a small step with the clan's subsidization.

Oh well. Good luck Ji and the bunch, you poachers, you ;)

I think the main concern I'm hearing from other parties is the timing. However, the benefits may outweigh the consequences. Take a look at something as simple as the Jedi v. Sith app on Facebook. The number of people pretending to be Jedi is exponentially larger than the number pretending to be Sith. Ergo...more variety, more interest from other Star Wars fans who would rather roleplay as Jedi.

Looking forward to seeing Odan-Urr flourish!

House Revan and House Odan-Urr should go to war, while the rest of us watch, point, and laugh. At the end, Taldryan should suddenly come out of nowhere and win the whole thing.

I think we could take Revan. We have Wild Donos on our side. We'll set him lose!

Aabs / Voden: The issue isn't about houses surviving, unfortunately. It's about the DB surviving. The houses' survival is just incidental. Increasing the variety of houses means we can cater to a wider audience (including parts of the current DB audience who may be losing interest) and maintain a large, active membership. If some houses close, too bad--even if that house happens to be HOU. If the club survives as a result, it's a worthwhile sacrifice. To summarize: propping up houses full of inactive people for the sake of keeping the houses alive, isn't really worth it if they can't appeal to their members. Ultimately the membership will decide which houses continue and which don't.

At least that's my take on it :) Can't answer for anybody else.

i agree with Ji, another thing we need to do is hit up the gaming community and star wars fan base, i had some buds that were into this stuff and they never even knew there was an online club like the DJB untell i tried to recruit them, incidentally they did not join, but still... get out there hit up forum and chat room and also recruit your friends and family hahaha

on a side note, i checked out the EH, and there complete active roster, including ALL subgroups, is about the same as 1 of our houses, about 40 something members, sooo the DJB is doing ok :P

An interesting idea. I agree that diversification could boost interest. Assuming of course that anyone would really want to roleplay all the stupid ethical restraints of a Lightie. <shudders> I’m wondering about the fiction side of things though. These guys are supposed to be under our thumb, so how will competitions where fleet building is the prize work? We can’t very well let Light Jedi get a star destroyer. And what’s stopping a rogue from contacting Skywalker? I always thought we were pretty much hiding in the shadows. True, the good guys are pretty busy in the wake of the Vong, but still. Disco Sith doesn’t like to advertise.</shudders>

@swl vessicant, it will make for some interesting fiction and competitions, perhaps muz and the DJB want to monitor the jedi more closely find out if they have any secrets that could be "acquired" and used for the DJB, and the lighties could try to "redeem" the darkies. theres alot that could be done with this :D

Vess, this is a quick C&P of a FAQ Ji wrote up which may answer your question:

Why would the Light Side house want to be in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood? Well, in the DB these Jedi, fearful of going extinct, see an endless supply of converts. For all the Greys and NJO-style Jedi they get, they stand to gain many members willing to be trained in the classical style of their deceased master. Also, what are they going to do? Run from the Super Star Destroyers of the DJB and leave their indigenous friends to the fire? Nope!

Why wouldn't the Light Side house contact the NJO or the New Republic? Easy... the NJO is headed by the dynasty of Darth Vader, who slaughtered most of the Old Republic Jedi. Luke Skywalker himself had a brush with the Dark Side and, though it hasn't fully happened yet in the DB timeline, Darth Vader's grandson, Jacen Solo, has become a Sith Lord himself. The Odanite Jedi simply do not trust the NJO, and the Galactic Alliance is, in many ways, as tyrannical as the Empire (especially once Jacen and Daala take over).

In effect the house is just as much hiding in the Shadows as the DB. And once the group were found by the DB... they pretty much had no choice but to co-operate with them.

Hope that goes some ways to answering your question(s)!

I agree that HOU is a great way to revitalize certain members, especially the fan base of light Jedi, however large that is. I agree that HOU is a great fictional tool for future vendettas/stories. I mean, there are "Jedi" living right next to us now, plenty to explore there. Especially if we're wanting to fight Jedi in future GJW (rumors, whatever). If the NJO were to attack the DB, what would HOU do, regardless of the Skywalker problems?

I don't agree that there are still at least one, if not two dark side houses that could/should be closed, because they suck and are inactive. Supposedly there's already guidelines in place to close down crappy houses.... I'm just.... waiting for them to actually work

So....from my understanding from everyone's comments is that everyone is either glad or at least okay with the idea of HOU but they would have rathered seen a dark jedi house close first and/or now? That's way different direction than the 'OMFG YOU'VE RUINED THE DB!" that I thought was coming :D

I'm open to whatever changes inspire new directions and membership within the Brotherhood. I just wish those changes would happen at a faster/more substantial rate

Us? Close down a Dark Side House? hahahaha.

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