Bryar Free or Bryar Hard: Semi Finals


Bryar Free or Bryar Hard: Semi Finals

Thank god everyone has their matches in. I mean.... Yeah. Anyways. I waited until everyone got their matches in to release the next round, because we're at that point now where randomly selecting people to move on isn't going to cut it. The following people advance to the next round:

  • Kano Pepoi
  • Benevolent Taldrya Whiner
  • RevengeX Palpatine
  • Duga Arkarso Taldrya And here are the match ups for the Semi Finals!

  • Kano Pepoi vs Benevolent Taldrya Whiner

  • RevengeX Palpatine vs Duga Arkarso Taldrya Please keep in mind that the two people that advance this round will have a consolation match in the fourth and final round, to decide who takes 3rd place. And personally... I'm rooting for either Ben or Revvy to take it the title of Pimp this go. Time will tell! Have a good week Bryar-ing people... The sooner those matches are in, the sooner I'll open the next round!

As well, I'd like to show the potential winners exactly what is up for grabs, besides Crescents and Clusters of Fire. To replace the Bryar Bowl titles on dossiers, we've decided to give them graphical compensation instead. Below, you'll find two Bryars. One rustbucket, one gold. Both will be able to be displayed alongside your lightsaber, much as Halcyon Taldrya has his. The Bryar Bitch will be allowed to display the rustbucket Bryar, while the Bryar Pimp will be allowed to display the gold one. There is no rank requirement for these. Here you are!

Mm, must get that. Oh and it's Duga "Taldrya" Arkarso. =P

Lieessss. Stop spreading lies, Duga. Also: awesome Bryars.

P.S. Kir is gay. No jokes.

My money's on Ben4Pimp.

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