SWTOR: Crew Skills


SWTOR: Crew Skills

So, from what I can tell no one else is regularly covering news related to Star Wars: The Old Republic. Which seems like a real shame. (And if someone else actually is...just know that I'm too lazy to check and am not intentionally stepping on your toes.)

I know I can't speak for everyone, but I know I'm excited about the potential of this game. It's Star Wars + Bioware, after all. So I'm going to start pointing out the bits of news I can find about the game as I see them.

To start things off, let's take a look at the most recent update to the official SW:TOR website: Crew Skills

As is typical for Bioware games, throughout the course of your character's adventures he/she/it will acquire of number of minions, henchmen, goons and assorted hangers-on. From the sound of things this will work just like in all the other Bioware games where your relationship with these minions can be enhanced or degraded by the actions you choose to perform.

The thing that is amazing to me (as someone who has spent way too much time playing MMO s over the last several years) is that this concept is largely virgin territory in the MMORPG market. None of the games I'm played have done this. I won't claim to have played EVERY MMO out there, but I've played most of the ones that have gotten a decent amount of buzz in the US, so I'm pretty comfortable with that statement.

But even more impressive that just having the henchmen (again, in my opinion) is the way these Crew Skills are being implemented. You literally put the to work in whatever field you choose to specialize them in, and apparently they'll continue working until the task is complete, even while you are logged off.

That's just awesome.

will swtor be pay to play or once you buy the game will it be free to play??? i don't get utility out of spending 50-60$ for a game and then have to pay to play it...

TOR is an MMORPG, it'll be $15/month like all the others. I would imagine the initial game will probably cost around.... $35-40, plus the expansion packs you know are coming. It's a WoW competitor, they have to make money

yeaa i think ill pass then, if i pay for a game, i dont want to have to pay again to play it, i can save the 15$ and spoil my daughter :P

Hab: In all honesty I was the same way when SWG first came out, I didn't want to pay for all the content and then have to continue paying to play for a game I already bought. But the difference is you haven't bought the whole game with the inital charge. Content for MMORPGs are constantly changing and that what this fee is for, let alone the cause of the server charges.

Let me put it another way, I love to snowboard and I've went and bought one a few years ago. And while it was fun when I was young to slide down the back hill on the farm, I grew out of it. That's why I continue to go to ski resorts and pay the chair lift pass. Tons of activities require an inital cost and then are added on, for the amount of time ppl spend on mmos this is cheap

I felt the same way when someone suggested i try Everquest. But the sheer size of content updates in between expansions is awesome. Events and such that are ran. I would rather buy a game and pay 15 a month for endless re playability than 60 for a game with 8 hours of game play and limited re playability.

Or even more recently, $50 for TFU2 and getting two hours of gameplay :P

Or heck you can even think of it like a service contract. Some companies pay a lot of money for a software package or hardware, then keep forking out for the manufacturer to look after the purchase and (try to) make sure nothing breaks.

Long and Short. SWTOR = Epic Win!

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