Farewell Brotherhood


Farewell Brotherhood

Farewell to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.com

Well my fellow comrades, it has been with heavy shoulders that I announce my retirement from this club, effective as of the end of Today.

I have recently received good news of a heck of a job opportunity for me in regards to my area of study with my current degree of Electronic Technology that I cannot pass up.

I will be around from time to time to either play a few games or chat it up with ya, however I will not be back in full capacity to take part in House activities or vendettas till much later on, most likely until Summer 2011.

Its been a pleasure to serve this great club as a Dark Council member, and as the first ever Fist to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Its also been a pleasure to help out in any and all capacity. Keep up the great strides in gaming and don't let this fall back to way it was a few years ago, when it was dying.

Any and all gaming will be handled by Fremoc my Preator, as he will be in charge till Muz makes a decision of what he wants to do with the Fist. The Headmaster and his staff will be handling the Grand Masters Royal Guard History exam.

Its been a wild journey, full of interesting people and situations...but this is the end for me. Good Luck and Have fun Dark Jedi Brotherhood!!!

SBL Ma`ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir

See you around dude. It been an honor working with you

Bye Smoke. I hope you will get the job ;) Sil

Fair winds and following seas, m'friend. Best to you and yours.

~ Sai

Goodbye Smoke, You've been an awesome Fist, and I hope all keeps working out for you!


You've left big shoes to fill. Congrats on the job opportunity too.

Good luck, Smoke!

Have a good one, Smoke :D

It was good working with you for the short time I have been on the job.

Fantastic job, Smoke. When the introduction of P:FIST was first announced I knew it was going to take a hard worker to take over the gaming world and revive it, and that's exactly what you did. Thanks for your work, and take it easy on yourself IRL.

All the best in your endeavours and may fortune smile upon you Smoke, you've done a great job as Fist and are leaving awfully big shoes to fill. Best of luck out there.

You have been the best Fist, and it will be hard to replace you. You certainly kicked gaming into gear. Congrats on the job offer.

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