November Fiction Competitions - Last Call!


November Fiction Competitions - Last Call!


I would just like to apologize for a lack of reports recently. I will be releasing a report this coming weekend that should have a lot of information, so be on the look out for it!

Until then, here are the November Fiction Competitions! There are only a few more days left before they're over, and there are still a lot of awards to be handed out. This is one of the few chances to get some of the high-level crescents, and of course all competition entries help you towards that next promotion or merit medal.

Load the Can(n)ons #3 - To coincide with the released of Star Wars Unleashed 2, I thought it would be appropriate to use the main character from that game as your "opponent" this month. I mean, if this guy can stand up to Darth Vader, I'm sure he'd make a few of you sweat as well :P

Hymn of Victory - This competition is being run by Jade Sadow, and it is a very simple premise. You are to write a song or prose depicting the recent Vendetta and how your own Order did, win or lose. Click on the link for further details

Jedi Tracker - At the end of the Vendetta the true culprit was revealed. Now is your chance to hunt him down like a dog, on behalf of the Dark Council. Click on the link for specific details on this topic

Reviews! - This is a new activity that I will be introducing in December. However, to start us off I've decided to make a competition of it this month. With so many Star Wars novels and comic books out there, it's hard to know which are good or bad. Now is your chance to help your fellow members out and write reviews on these works of fiction. Click on the link for specifics, but you will be rewarded with DSS' for well written reviews, and Dark Crosses for high quality reviews. And for November, the best reviews get a Crescent as well!

Good luck everyone! Also, a reminder that anyone can submit competitions ideas to run DB-wide, or even help run them yourselves. Most competition ideas are not necessarily House-specific, so opening them up to a wider audience is always a good thought.

DJM Halcyon Taldrya

Voice of the Brotherhood

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