Gaming Update


Gaming Update

Greetings all,

Just would like everyone to know, that even though Smoke has stepped down, gaming is still on going!

I have only a few comps for this month, but they are month long comps that are designed so that you as the member can achieve something great. As in getting a coveted Diamond Crescent. ;)

Taig has volunteered his body to be beaten upon in JO, so if you see him in #dbgaming be sure to challenge him and try to best him.

Also, I've volunteered myself to be beaten upon in BF2. So if ya'll wanna try to beat me up in that. Feel free.

JA/EaW/RC, are their own comp, so get to it!

Training Days are still going on. This Saturday from midnight MST to 11:59.59 MST, is JA/JO/RC training. Those of you that want to be a trainer still shoot me an email.

Lastly, <3 Orv for making GMRG coding work. I updated the GMRG ranks this morning, and only 5 people currently have the Level 3 rank.

This month doesn't have a double CF weekend, but look for it next month.

Thats all for now. So get out there and have some fun.

-Fremoc Pepoi

Praetor to the Fist

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