PLA QUA Report, 01/12/10


PLA QUA Report, 01/12/10

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**Jusadih System


Dark Tower, Quaestor's Chambers**

Kal sensed the Archpriestess even as she stormed into his room, not bothering to announce herself. It hardly surprised him; he'd felt her intense fury from down the hallway. "I'm glad we're so civilized and well-mannered, Rohana. It warms my heart." His tone spoke volumes of boredom, clearly unimpressed with the woman behind him. Seated at the table, he didn't bother turning to look at her, continuing to turn the slender tuning rod in his prosthetic arm. The Force warned him of the possible future, but it was a slight tingle; a possibility, then. Her violet blade hissed to vibrant life. "An assassination attempt, then? I thought you'd be more subtle."

"Perhaps you can tell me what the hell you were thinking," The Krath seethed, "When you surrounded my house with that collection of goons." She bent her knees faintly, hands clutching in anticipation as he stood. She was clearly ready to drop into a combat stance. The Sith gave her no such pleasure as he raised his hand, watching the datapad on his desk float into it before he tossed it to her. She caught it in her off-hand.

"Your husband sent me this communique, he at least has the sense to respect the balance of power." Giving the woman a condescending sneer, he placed the tool onto his desk, slipping his glove back on and tightening its straps. "Perhaps you'd prefer that the ruffians mentioned in that note burnt down your house? Perhaps that they'd kidnapped your child?" Shaking his head as the woman's face paled, he turned to face her, hands on his hips. "Perhaps you should get there, too?"

She was out of the door before he could say another word.

**Sigil 2

Vongformed Jungle


The Warrior's eyes took in the Thralls before him, observing their varied sizes and shapes as they carried supplies and acquisitions. He couldn't help the distaste that seethed through his body; some of them were carrying the infernal blasters, the weapons of the pathetic infidels they faced. The Priest had assured him that this Crusade, this war to reclaim a system long-abandoned, would absolve them of their sins. Turning his head as the dreadlock-like tentacles implanted in the back of his head twitched, he sighed. "Such shame for so little a victory."

"Such is the will of Yun'Harla," hissed the Priest, stalking up beside him. He always made the Warrior's skin crawl. "Fear not, my friend! You see our glory grow!" Gesturing to the varied biots and thralls milling about the clearing, his eyes had a glint of madness in them. "The fire we bring to these infidels will see our abandonment revoked!" Pointing with a clawed finger to the hunch-backed laborers near the gigantic yaret-kor, he seemed to vibrate with glee. "Even the Shamed Ones will be forgiven! We shall see their deformity undone!" Cackling to himself, the Priest toddled off to inspect another biot.

Taking in the forces before him, the Warrior's gaze couldn't help but rest on the group of his own caste, all of different Domain but united in this. They were the true sufferers, those not damned by imperfection or sin. They had been left by the will of the Dread Lord, and now, they stood to reclaim their honor. Still, even as they looked upon their leader with pride, crab armor glistening faintly as they moved, the Warrior had to turn away. "I'm no longer so sure."


Town of Satal's Landing

Wily Wyrm Cantina**

Sarn Kesh shivered as he stepped from his snowspeeder, pulling the thick coat he wore further around himself. Glancing about, he recieved faint nods from the men and women at the street corners; dressed in mismatched armor, they sported their heavy blaster rifles with pride. It warmed his heart, even as it sent a spike of fear through him. Thus far, the Regime hadn't cracked down on the small town; their own political struggles and issues on other planets had drawn their attention away. It only took one bad glance or sudden move from a Lander to set off a firefight, and then the town would look like the wrong side of Nintura. Kesh didn't plan for that to happen.

Stepping inside the cantina, he let off a shiver as he pulled his hood down, hanging the coat on the rack in the cold entryway to stop the snow and ice from melting into it. The last thing he needed was to step outside and freeze. Walking to the table, the brushed a hand through his black hair, sweeping it back from around his cranial horns. Glancing around the cantina, he found the contact quickly. She was clad all in white, her clothing form-fitting by virtue of practicality rather than for any vain purpose. Sitting down at the table, he ordered a pair of mild drinks before speaking to her with a smile. "I got your message," He said quietly, his baritone voice low. "About assistance."

She nodded, sizing him up. "Kesh." She said, her cool eyes betraying nothing. "Unofficial leader of the people of Satal's Landing. Defender of the people, bringer of food, clothing, and armament to protect yourselves. Primary reason that the big hitters don't have a recruitment office here. And, some would say," her eyes took on an uncomfortable light; it felt like she was looking into him, "Rebel."

"Keep your voice down." He said. Looking around the cantina, he ensured no one was listening. They had spies everywhere. "Look, not everyone went home to a Shinteran city when the damn Vong left. Some came from Asgard, Glasir, Drasil, before they turned into craters. Some were from Aerun, others from Nintura." Getting a look of pride in his face, he sat up straighter. "These people had no homes, no one to take care of them. We found them food, we taught them to survive here."

"And the guns?" The woman asked, leaning back in her seat. She was too calm.

"Have you ever seen some of the things that wander the drifts?" He asked, leaning forward with a frustrated expression. "Some on four legs with sharp fangs, some on two with bone clubs. The plateau protects us from wyrms, but we still have to mine the snow to make sure they don't circle the place or try to dig under it." Glancing around again, he fixed his violet eyes on her, his face tattoos weathered and faded from the ravages of Morroth. "Look, the Regime thinks this world is dead, but it's not. Every time we give an inch, they take a mile. When we don't, they take ten, and burn us besides. These people need hope, they need a chance."

"Indeed they do," she said, slipping a hand into her jacket and drawing out a datachip. "We can help you. Think about it." With that, she stood, striding out of the doorway as the zabrak was left to stare at the chip.

Well, Plagueis, another month down, another to go! As you can see in my introduction today, this will not be any sort of downtime for us! Always new threats to face and new challenges to overcome. As we seek to consolidate our power in a system full of enemies, we will face great trial and heavy combat. In the intro, I have alluded to Major Kage's competition, following it with a sneak peek at what we face for the Reboot. The third, however, will present us with a new challenge. They're our next big struggle, our greatest test yet as a Reformed House... and they're my little secret. ;)

Our first big news would be the opening of House Odan-Urr, the first Jedi House in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood! That's right, folks, you read correctly; we have a Jedi House. This bold strike into new territory may yield great fruit. Will they become our built-in enemies? Our begrudging allies? Another face to stomp upon come Wartime? Only time will tell, and only one thing is for certain; Odan-Urr shall be another House faced with the might of the House of Ascendancy!

The Grand Master has unveiled several goodies for ACC combatants. I would like to take a moment to let everyone know that if they need help, advice, or lessons in the ACC, feel free to look to anyone within Plagueis for help. We look after our own; someone will be willing to advise you. Furthermore, look to the other Houses, to our Brethren Abroad, for it may bring the fruits of new skill and unexpected friendship to your DB Career and our great House. Let's show them what we're made of.

Recently, the Summit and I have come together to calculate the Officer Ranks of those within the House. For some time now, I've spoken of the Jusadih Military Regime, which is our Merit System and the organizational body of our House; feel free to look it up on the wiki if you haven't heard. The Officer Ranks themselves can be found on the Message Forums, in the Plagueis section. They are a pinned topic, and will be kept up-to-date at all times.

I'd like to take a moment to remind everyone, Plagueian and otherwise, of who we are and what we stand for. Some Houses sharpen their blades for Vendetta; we keep them keen year-round. Some have relied upon a strong core of the few and the mighty; we spread our might to each and every member. We do not balk at conflict, we rush to face it. We Adapt to the challenges ahead, we Ascend beyond difficulty and inexpertise, and we Avail against all odds, by strength of our House and our Brethren! We are House Plagueis, the Ascendant House, and we will not rest until victory is ours!

Our first and foremost goal at present is the same as it has been for months now: Reboot! As we enter a new month, look forward to our event, The Taking of Si'Tilk! As we face our first great challenge since the Reform and Disorder, we must turn our gaze inward to a threat that lies in wait! Deep within the Vongformed jungles on Sigil 2, where it has always been too dark and too deadly to explore, the remnants of Jusadih's worst calamity ever gather for another strike! Fearful foes, unexpected alliances, and an epic that will shake the security of Sigil 2 to its very foundations awaits us all!

The Great Wiki Cleanup is underway! Currently, we are working to repair and rewrite the planets of our Dominion! Historically, our planets have been written by disparate sources and held in a fixed state by the traditions of Houses Exar Kun and Satal Keto. Now, with the Reform to House Plagueis, we can finally move aside from the crippling, tedious hold on progress and create a better system! We will fix our planets to more-smoothly fit realism and our needs, and will make the Jusadih System a place for all of our members to know! Best of all, should we reach Clanhood again, we will give Kun and Keto greater bases of power than ever before!

The Forums Cleanup grinds along at a slower pace. We are, of course, able to Wikify the locked topics on the Forums, but if members volunteer, there's a chance for reward. We'll be able to include everyone, for this is a team effort. Without you, the members, there's no point to anything we do. We hold fast to the cause because we believe, we know, that there's a real chance for our House to succeed. Show us your dedication to that ideal, Plagueians. Show us why you stick around to see the fruits of our labours. Participate in the Forums Cleanup.

Our Training Program will pick up steam after the Reboot Event. We've got a solid base concept to work off of, we've got concepts for the venue and the structure. We'll be putting this all into practice early in the New Year, opening 2011 as a new era for Plagueian success and education. This program will give us the chance to teach all of our members, while reinforcing the Dark Jedi aspect of our House that goes hand-in-hand with our Military aspect. Through this, I believe we will become a pillar within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, not only for our activity and skill, but for our strong sense of community. Whether a Prospect, a Student, or a Master, your place in Plagueian stability and expansion will be solidified.

Finally, our biggest, juiciest plan for the new year: the unveiling of our New House Enemy! Long ago, during the War of Ascension, we destroyed the Crimson Tide. We tore down the Feudalists and shattered the Jusadih Independence Coalition. For a long time now, we've been stomping out tiny rebellion, consolidating our power, and growing unchecked and unopposed. The Jusadih Military Regime is unopposed for control of the system.

We should have known it wasn't to last. More on that in 2011!

Note: Anyone who's sitting there, looking at the names in my last paragraph and scratching their heads, use the DJBWiki. It's all there.

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**Grand General Mograine

Lt. Colonel Furios

Major Koga Kage

2nd Lt. Ralph Vundu

2nd Lt. Du'moth

2nd Lt. Yzarc Rellik Kaeth di Plagia

2nd Lt. Danny Quinn

2nd Lt. Saphaun

2nd Lt. Vengen Stormshadow

2nd Lt. Kodais Solatus

2nd Lt. Kaixa Nor Lexu**

This month will see some serious action for the Jusadih Armed Forces! They'll be facing down wave after wave of alien scum and lighting up Sigil 2's Vongformed Jungle in the upcoming Reboot Event! I hope to see lots of action from you jarheads!

My biggest congrats this month go to Major Kage and Lt. Colonel Furios for representing their Branch and House! In addition to regular activity and IRC presence from both of these fine soldiers, they currently host every Plagueian competition on the list! Good work, guys, keep it up!

**Grand Admiral Cassandra El'sin

Captain Kaira Rohana

Commander Maol Nor Lexu

Lt. Commander Tiberius di Cloud

Lieutenant Imichua Haruki

Ensign Armand al'Tor

Ensign Corran Force

Ensign Laigerick Ryokou-Amor

Ensign Mehrunes "Bane" Dagon

Ensign Raith Grak

Ensign Robicus Corvus

Ensign J'Mil11

Ensign BlackFear 44**

Our Naval Command is gearing up to face a new threat, both from the moons of Sigil 2 and much closer than any of them would expect! Look for their heroic exploits in the upcoming Reboot Event! I can't wait to see how you officers keep your cool in the heat of the moment!

First and foremost, we thank Captain Rohana for her service as Rollmaster and wish her well in her regular DJB career! You've left your mark on this House, Kaira, and you will never be forgotten. We hope you can continue to serve as a member of the Ascendant House!

Congratulations on Grand Admiral El'sin's recent appointment to the position of Rollmaster! You've got some big shoes to fill and plenty to do, Admiral. We're expecting the very best from you. Don't let us down. ;)

Excellent work to Commander Nor Lexu on his recent Officer Rank Promotion! His consistent hard work and effort to improve Plagueis has paid off! Good work, Commander, we hope to see you rise through the ranks to greatness!

**Directorate General Unus Domus

Major Navrez

Captain Voden Arjin

Captain Vivackus Kavon di Plagia

2nd Lt. Alex d'Tana

2nd Lt. Galaphile Dupar

2nd Lt. Visius

2nd Lt. Serynh

2nd Lt. Sephira

2nd Lt. Duskit**

The Intelligence Directorate has their plate full as they gather data on our foes and unravel some of the Vongformed jungle's greatest mysteries! Look for their stealth, subterfuge, and the occasional wetwork operation in the Reboot Event! I'm excited to see your devious minds at work!

Damage Report, a run-on for the Intel Branch, is still underway! Time is running out to get in on the action, but keep to the storyline! You guys are almost out of Joran's hostile jungles.

**CAG Marshal Alaris Jinn di Plagia

Flight Officer Vexer Thrace

Flight Officer Zeon Blacktooth

Flight Cadet Vessicant

Flight Cadet Zuser Whuloc

Flight Cadet Terek Rulu

Flight Cadet Octavia Kuga

Flight Cadet Onteron

Flight Cadet Aras Loken

Flight Cadet Malan Voos

Flight Cadet Sabre' Shakee'll

Flight Cadet Lusankya

Flight Cadet Dismal Visutor**

The Jusadih Starfighter Corps is about to have their courage, grit, and dedication tested! Look for their aerial acrobatics and unmatched reflexes at work in the upcoming Reboot Event! Get ready, boys and girls, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Vexer Thrace has sadly had to put the mantle of command aside. We thank her for her service, and hope to see her crazy side come out in the action of the Reboot!

CAG Marshal Alaris Jinn di Plagia takes up command! Welcome, Marshal. We expect great things from you, there's a lot of work to do but I'm confident your skills are sufficient. Don't let us down.

Congratulations to Flight Officer Blacktooth on his Officer Rank promotion! Zeon, you show great potential and we eagerly await your next work! Keep it up!

First and foremost, Special Mention goes to the Heroes of Plagueis! These men and women fought for us during the Rite of Supremacy: Disorder, and are now recognized for their efforts! Some of our Heroes have moved away from Plagueis, but rest assured, you guys are not forgotten. While we did see some showing from many of our members, those that stood above their peers and gave it their all are:

**Kaira Rohana

Tiberius di Cloud

Maol Nor Lexu**

Great work, guys!

I'd like to take a moment to remind everyone about how Plagueians should behave. From multiple sources, I've seen evidence of poor behavior and inappropriate conduct. Thankfully, the incidences within my own House have been few and far between, but nonetheless they are there. We are above this, ladies and gentlemen. We are of the Ascendant House, where we need not be rude or hurtful to other members. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and work to succeed in every aspect of the club, from the competitions to our very treatment of fellow members. Inappropriate conduct is not welcome here, it is not accepted here, and it will not be tolerated.

"Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally."

-David Frost

So, in closing, get ready for the month of December! We'll see some serious action and some huge developments for Plagueis, beginning this month and flowing through into the new year! Good work to all of those who fought for Plagueis during Disorder, I can't wait to see you on the battlefield this month!

Adapt! Ascend! Avail!

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