Site Layout Competition


Site Layout Competition


Well, it's now February, and I've still only received one submission for the web site layout competition. I don't understand why though, I fail to see the dificulty in making up an entry.

Sooo... as a result of this, I'm extending the competition to the end of February, and I'm going to explain things once more :)

For your entry to count, you don't need to know any asp, nor do you need to design a database or do ANY coding. All you need to do, is pick a page from the site, like the news page, or the roll, and make a template one that would show how you'd like to see the site laid out. Graphics are a plus, but don't need to exist for your entry to count. So, as you can see, all you need to enter this competition is some knowledge of HTML. Design your template, and send it in! NOW DANGIT!

DA Grail SoulChaser (Sith)/SCL

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