A Disciple, Ascendant


A Disciple, Ascendant

Lambda-class Shuttle
En route to Temple of Fire

Just before the datapad went dark, the sigil signifying the message sender's signature blazed bright, the violet accents burning their way into the Son of Sadow's retinas.

The Lion of Tarthos.

Steeling himself, he activated the small comm unit in his hand, and the image of his Aedile, Fremoc Pepoi, shimmered its way into existence, ghostly and translucent.

"How can I serve, Lord Quaestor?" Fremoc's voice was tinny and ringed with static; no doubt due to the distance the signal had to travel. "You are needed, Fremoc," came Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow's response, his own voice tinged with an odd mixture of pride and regret.

"Very well, I shall return to Sepros as soon as.."

"Belay that, Pepoi," the Quaestor interrupted. "You are no longer under my...employ, as it were." A wry smile creased the Korun-Keibatsu's features. "No, my friend, you are to report to Antei. It is the Grand Master himself who has requested your presence."

Fremoc's image, tiny in Sai's hand, suddenly straightened as understanding seemed to stiffen his spine. "You mean...?"

"Yes," Sai replied, letting the word drag as he let the suspense build. "I wish you well, and the very best of luck. Not that you'll need it...Fist of The Brotherhood."



Congratulations to our very own Fremoc Pepoi, who has been tapped to fill the formidable shoes Smoke left as Fist of the Brotherhood!

Stand proud, Brothers and Sisters in Sadow, as we continue our long, illustrious tradition of farming out our members to the DC! ;)

OE Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow
Quaestor, HNS
Son of Sadow

Way to go Fremoc! Congrats, Mr. DC' man.

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