Chamber of Justice Taking Applications!


Chamber of Justice Taking Applications!

It's that time again - Dante's term as Right Hand of Justice has come to an end, so I am looking for a new RHoJ! The Right Hand of Justice acts as the prosecutor during trials, and overall assistant to the Justicar during other times. If you want more detail on the positions, click the links above.

Here are the criteria you must meet to apply:_

-Rank of at least DJK

-Past DB leadership experience

-Must have passed the DB Judicial Certification Course - CoJ 1

(in the past, or you ca take it now)_

As always, I would prefer some "legal" experience as well, such as classes taken in school, etc - but this is not a requirement.

I will take applications until Friday, December 10rd.

Reminder: The Dark Sage (Law) degree from the Shadow Academy requires a term of CoJ service as Justicar or a Hand of Justice. (You can only get that chance if you apply!)

Hmmm... I don't believe I've ever heard of the 10rd.

Thanks for all your work, Dante!

I don't know about December 10rd... but I know I was born on something called December 10th. :P

Haha, I originally had typed, "Friday, December 3rd" - then I realized that's tomorrow, so I changed the "3" to a "10"...but forgot to change the "rd".


Kir's losing his professional touch! First he forgets to make an important announcement, then he types 10rd! =O Say it ain't so...

I blame Shadow. 100% his fault.

Hahaha. December Turd. Good one, Kir.

What? No jokes about Kir and needing a new right hand? I'm ashamed of all of you... Picking on his grammar and not the blatant innuendo...

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