Another Dossier Facelift


Another Dossier Facelift

As many of you have undoubtedly noticed, the dossier has changed again!

Here's what I did:

Modernized the Look

I felt the top section of the dossier seemed dated and wasted more space than I'd like, so with some work I was able to modernize it a bit!

1) The PIN is still prominent, however it is faded out to give it some separation from the name.

2) The text is left aligned to look less 90's

3) The email will appear on the right.

4) The top section now has a background and border to match the tabs.

5) I've added an Avatar slot. Right now, this is a placeholder for things to come.

6) The upper section of the dossier will contain something else very soon...the feature is in a testing phase at the moment and will be released within the next day or so (if the stars align).

Q&A About the Avatar Slot

Here's some answers to some questions that you may have about the Avatar slot:

Q) Is that avatar slot for the Face Selector that Muz and the Herald's Office has discussed from time to time?

A) Aye. That's right!

Q) Soooo...where is the face selector? I want to configure my face!

A) Well...that isn't done yet. BUT, yours truly doesn't like to have features hanging out there that are partially expect the coding for the Face Selector to be done VERY soon. I can't speak intelligently on the progress of the imagery, however.

Q) Will I be able to upload my own images for my Avatar?

A) No. The Wiki is the location for you to upload the images that apply to your character. To keep the DJB site clean, the plan is to allow for the use of the Character Selector as well as allow for custom character art to be used in that space. (See Muz's and My dossiers for examples).

woot! someone has been busy :D

btw whats the "Prestige" point/counter all about?

Does the word Pimp mean anything to you Orv? how about Jac-tastic? Or perhaps incredibly, unbelievably freaking awesome? Thanks for giving it a real kick and making it extremely sweet.

Hey, Tra'an, thanks :) I think the dossier revamp has been long overdue!

Looks awesome Orv!

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