Prestige Launch


Prestige Launch

Over the last few weeks, Orv has been working on several projects to make the Brotherhood better as well as pave the ways for future enhancements. Yesterday, a couple of the enhancements went into beta testing, and after a late night of adjusting and tweaking, we are running live with this today. You can see some of the other enhancements in Orv's news post.

We're launching a program called 'prestige' today.

What is prestige? It is a measure of what a member has done, taking into account what has been earned and what position that a member may have.

What will prestige impact? Right now, it's purely bragging rights. Going forward, higher prestige will impact various things, from dossier options to access for elite items in possessions.

Orv is also working up a page that will show rankings overall, and he'll put a link in the comments here when it is done.

There are other things that we are still working on for the dossier, namely the avatar selector. There will be options for custom avatars, but these will likely be rank-unlocked (although we may make it prestige-unlocked, woo!).

Keep watching...we're working on cool stuff these days.




I have been waiting for this day since Mav first penned Project Rebirth in April 2003...


You can find the Prestige Ranking page in the drop-down navigation at the top of the page under the "Main" section.

Ooooooh... only 139 below Muz.... It's on Keibatsu boy!

begins plotting how to snare another 150 prestige

guessing if your rouges you dont show up?

Correct! Dark Jedi that have gone rogue do not factor into the ranking system.

I just made it so that Rogue members get a Prestige value but don't show up in the rankings.

Is there somewhere that lists how exactly prestige is awarded? 1 point for CoF, 5 for crescent, etc. I have like 1300 right now, how exactly did I get to that number?

Going off of that, is my prestige solely what I've earned as an Adept, or is it everything in the past five years?

I guess I'm looking for information on how this new system (which I think is way cool) works, as opposed to a simple announcement that it now exists.

Orv did put this on the wiki last night:

Gives a bit of an idea.

I have a question too!

In the original Project Rebirth stuff, certain things in the possesion system were only available to people with a certain amount of prestige.

e.g. you needed at least 800 prestige to buy a Corellian Gunship.

Will something similar to this be done when the posesion system goes live?

@Aabsdu It is calculated based on Medals, Reprimands, Ranks, Positions, certain titles and honoraries, etc from your entire time in the DJB (at least all of what is recorded in the database). The numbers that are on the wiki are the only numbers that I am allowed to release at this time. If people wish to piece together what certain things are worth over time, I can't stop them wink wink

@Solari The short answer: Yes.

Orv + Muz = Scary love child (who is also a God).

This why its awesome having a Krath as a GM and a well-trained Stunt Pig as a coder. Well done guys!

So that's what Orv is, huh? A Stunt Pig? Would that explain the "Bork" noises? =O Sexy work, <3 how it's called Prestige and not something gay... like Kir.

Great work, Orv!

Keep up the Rebirth features!

So... right now, all that Prestige is used for, is online wang measuring? Can we keep it that way permanently just for shits and giggles?

Thanks for the update, Orv. Prestige system is pretty sweet, even before it actually earns you things, so I can barely wait until that starts kicking in. Keep up the great work!

#66 on the list, eh? Well, at least I'm in the top 100!

Sweet prestige system, Orv. Can't wait to see what's in store for it!

Damn. Only 593 prestige points. Even Merlance is better than me. :/

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