Sarin on HDNet


Sarin on HDNet

Hey all,

Just got a message from Sarin who is in Afghanistan with his unit. He's been having a camera crew follow his guys around for two months now as HDNet was working on a mini-documentary about his military unit and th operation in Kandahar.

If you're interested, it's on HDNet at 9 EST tonight. You can catch a few clips of it on their website.

Have a great night, everyone.


can someone record this

Some reason I can't watch the videos, website crashes my browsers

If you are so inclined, you can purchase the video off of itunes. The episode is called 'Kandahar Offensive: the Widowmakers' and it costs $1.99 US. It's worth the watch, if only to get a little insight into what the armed forces are doing in Afghanistan.

cool, thx Muz

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