Waka Waka Wa-I mean... Wiki


Waka Waka Wa-I mean... Wiki

### Wiki Competitions

<small>December 13th, 2010</small>

Hey everyone. Today, I'd like to announce the launch of a couple wiki competitions.

Wiki Holiday Hunt!

Exactly like the title says. I have randomly placed ten holly plant pictures around the wiki, on Brotherhood-wide official pages (such as Grand Master... no, there's not one on there. :P) Your goal is to locate these pages however possible, and compile a list of the page names. That list is then to be sent to me (please be sure to CC your House Summit on this as well), who will verify that the correct...ness of the entry. The first three people to get me the complete ten page names will receive fourth level crescents. These entries are due to me by December 25th (a week didn't make sense, considering it's a Christmas competition).

Note: Because of their unfair advantage as administrators and knowing the wiki better then the general public, Wiki Staff members will not be permitted to place. They can still participate to show their summit that they are being active, but will not be considered for the crescents.

Image Audit!

Bringing back the image audit that Tron ran sooo long ago during his... first? tenure as Wiki Tribune, I've decided to re-run an image audit to pwn any duplicate images that may be lurking about. This competition is going to run somewhat differently then the Holiday Hunt. I need someone for each Image Category (and the limit is one per person unless we don't have enough participants) that will go through and locate any duplicate files. They will compile a list of the file names. The list will then be sent to me, and myself/The Wiki Staff will verify the duplicates. Dark Side Scrolls will be awarded upon being successful. Note that some categories won't have any duplicates; this is good. If your category doesn't, just email me saying so.

Instead of picking an Image Category on your own, one will be assigned to you. Simply comment on this post, stating you'd like to participate. Under this paragraph, you will see a list of image categories and who they've been assigned to. Don't audit a category that hasn't been assigned to you! Be aware that some will find this competition easy, while some will have find it a bit harder because of lacking wiki-experience. Because this 'competition' does not begin until tomorrow, the assignments will not be displayed until that time.

Note: Wiki Staff members are allowed to participate, but will not be permitted to verify the duplicates of the category they are assigned to.

Category:Images-Artifacts - Ekia

Category:Images-Attire - Halc

Category:Images-Awards - Celahir

Category:Images-Characters - Shaz'air

Category:Images-Creatures - Teu

Category:Images-CoJ Cases - Anubis

Category:Images-Dark Council Badges - Jeric

Category:Images-Droids - Tra'an

Category:Images-Force Powers - Shaz'air

Category:Images-Groups - Furios

Category:Images-Head Shots - Solari


Category:Images-Lightsabers - Fremoc

Category:Images-Locations - Habib

Category:Images-Logos - Zeak

Category:Images-Mandos - Fremoc

Category:Images-Miscellaneous - Andrelious

Category:Images-Non Humans - Reiden

Category:Images-Planets - Faeril

Category:Images-Ranks - Anubis

Category:Images-Robes - Kano

Category:Images-Screenshots - Sanguinius

Category:Images-Starships - Windos

Category:Images-TIEs - Creon

Category:Images-Troopers - Celahir

Category:Images-Users - Anubis

Category:Images-Vehicles - Reiden

Category:Images-Warbanners - Fremoc

Category:Images-Weapons - Diclonius

If anyone wishes to do a second category, please notify my after you've audited your assigned category. Thanks!

Anubis Annedu

<small>Wiki Tribune

Aedile of House Taldryan</small>

Sign me up for the image audit ;)

I'll help out with the Image Audit

I'd like a category too please :)

I'd like to help with the Image Audit too. :)

I'd like a category as well please and thanks kindly

Opps I just totally PWNED your holly comp :P

In for the Audit.

I think the P:HRLD would enjoy a nice category ;)

I'll do the audit competition. :)

I'd like to help out with the Image Audit

I'll take a category for 10 points.

Though I won't do it for the comp... I'll do it because I like to nuke things ;)

I'll take "Give me a Category" for $500 please.

Give me a numba' skippy!

i would like to take part in the audit as well, if there is still room for me :P

i'll help

I'll do a catagory limited wiki XP though...

I'm still learning, but I'd be willing to give it my best attempt. :)

i will join in on the audit if possible.

If you find that there aren't enough people to do all of the categories, I'll take one. I have no real experience though.

Sign me up to take part in the image audit Anubis.

I as well would like to participate in the image audit.

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