Herald Gone But Not Gone


Herald Gone But Not Gone

So, as of today, I will not be around to work on graphics but I will be around to check email and such. I will have my files with me in case anyone needs something checked on and the like however Jeric and Ekeia will be in charge of producing sexiness. I will be back in the Office at the start of the New Year. 'Til then, keep your eyes on the news for Herald Style Hanukkah.

-DA Shikyo Keibatsu Sadow

Herald of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Herald Style Hanukkah without the Herald... wha...? =/

I am the Herald!! Well close enough :P

Jeric, I am in your rooms, killing your peoples, stealing your wimmins, and ruining ur dayz. Reminder that the HRLD is not dead or gone. ;)

We should limit the LoA's this guy can take, jeez

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