Taldryan Quaestor Report


Taldryan Quaestor Report


Yridia II was typically quiet compared to its planetary counterparts. While Yridia IX was a crazed metropolis and Yridia IV was like a redneck struggling to adapt to the contemporary world, the capital planet of Tarentum lay unscathed. Its lofty cultural landmarks and its vast seas made it a beautiful place, as its islands rose like flecks of gold on a nearly never-ending tide. On one island in particular, an aristocratic family sat together fishing, revelling in the large catches they made.

Perhaps the people had gone too long without a disturbance. That night, the aristocratic family had all been seriously injured – bitten by some strange creature found on the landscape. When hunters arrived, they found the thing already dead in the grass, its carcass browning in the moonlight. That was the last thing they saw before four more of the beasts, all shedding strangely human garments, decided to feast upon them.

The glare from the KrTal sun glazed the horizon as Anubis watched the incoming shuttle prepare to land on the platform before him, the two Lieutenants to standing by his side stood firmly; both soldiers bearing blasters.

Landing silently on its protruding legs the craft landed smoothly, the gold triad-insignia on its bow shone vividly against the sunlight displaying the Naga Sadow emblem with prestige. The main port opened as the suspension ramp fell forward to reveal the Exarch’s lower-half of his body. Anubis glared as the Keibatsu descended from his vessel. Without a word, Taldryan’s Aedile turned on his heel and began at a brisk pace, his robes billowing slightly as he moved.

Tsainetomo glanced at the two armed soldiers briefly then began in the wake of the Sith Warrior, the men behind him following in quick succession.

They made their way through a large array of corridors until they came to an open room with a large viewport overlooking the bustling Taldryan Security Forces below. The same orange-sunlight bathed a tall man, the Taldryan Quaestor releasing a deep breath slowly at the presence of the Sadowian. Reaching towards his hip Shaz’air grabbed a strip of black cloth from his belt and wrapped it around his head, hiding his eyes completely.

The Prelate turned around quickly to meet the guest before him, his Aedile coming to stand at his side. “Tsainetomo, we finally meet together outside of battle. Pity it cannot be a more recreational meeting. I have questions that I hope you will answer, as I do not appreciate my time being wasted.”

“Shaz’air Taldrya,” said Tsainetomo “I too have questions for you, and I am as eager to receive answers as you are, I assure it.”

“Only a few weeks ago it came to my attention that parties within the Orian system in which Naga Sadow has dominion have become infected a Rakghoul infection…” Shaz’air ended briefly for a breath and continued on. “Shortly after these reports I was notified by my security of an unmarked ship within our regions designated for Karufr , its charts revealing the craft originated from the Orian system.”

Shaz’air stopped for a moment and looked toward the Keibatsu. Surveying his emotions unwavering, the Taldrya continued. “Further investigation found a crate amongst a plethora of other boxes filled with miscellaneous items. Inside this box was a raging beast. Displayed on the side of the box was a very familiar emblem… Are you aware of what emblem that was?”

Naga Sadows Quaestor did not move for a moment, his gaze locked upon the Miraluka before him. A second past and Tsainetomo’s mouth opened, word quickly spilling forth. “After the breakout of this infection, we found where this plague originated from… Much like your story, Taldrya, we too found an unmarked shuttle. Inside was where the Rakghoul had originated from. My intel found a crate eaten and torn apart from the inside out. We recognized the scratches and bite marks matching that of the Rakghouls. We checked the logs in its computer system and found them originating from this very point where I am standing now.”

“I’m sure by now you’ve collected that Taldryan doesn’t stoop so low as to distribute dastardly deeds like that, Sadowian. The marking upon the box was that of House Tarentum, from the Yridia system. Albeit a failed attempt of an attack - as we were able to subdue the beast before it could inflict any damage - we’ve been privy to understand that the Grand Master issued the knowledge on Rakghoul alchemy for the use of Tarentum.”

The Exarch took a slight step forward, his hand raising a little as he began to speak. “We’ve attempted to contact Tarentum, but to no avail. They’ve not been heard from nor seen in many weeks. I have established for a portion of the Naga Sadow war fleet to deploy to Yridia. I will be leading the party there.”

“The Taldryan Fleet has been prepped and ready for departure in the last 48 hours. If what you say is true, then I have no further need to believe Naga Sadow was the driving hand at this. Anubis has heard of Tarentums communication being cut from their end. I feel it necessary to pay Ronovi Tavisaen a visit, don’t you?”

Tsainemoto nodded, hand brandishing one of his lightsabers. Without further hesitation Shaz’air turned to his Aedile who stepped forward to usher the Keibatsu back to his shuttle.

Now that my fiction has taken up the whole DJB news page, it’s time for some Taldryan news!

Firstly, I normally don’t endorse fiction at the beginning of my reports – as it not only clogs the DJB news page (perks of being a QUA) but it generally gets drowned out by the rest of the news following it - but this rarity is the opening chapter for the Feud/Competition between House Taldryan, Tarentum and Naga Sadow. The initial storyline has been floating around back and forth between the three Houses’s Summits, and we finally were able to come to an agreement on what the storyline will be on. After that, we were lucky enough to have Muz and the DC approve of the idea. As of right now, we’re beginning the process of creating the events to tie in with the story-line, and after that awards will be discussed and brought to the Master At Arms for approval.

Over all, this is going to be a fun event, and both HNS and TAR have been stellar to work with so far. The object of this event is to supply a fun, unique plot for our members to be able to further build their fictional backgrounds and better understand how their Houses work in a time of battle. Not to mention, this is also for the three Houses to have fun with each other and hopefully, bring some permanent ties between us.

Secondly, the dossiers have taken on a well needed update. To start, the header over the dossiers now displays your name, PIN number (which when scrolled over highlights), as well as your House and Order all neatly in their new respective places. There’s also a new box in which you will soon be able to upload your own character image (not sure on exact timing, but I’ll keep you posted!). For now though it displays an image of your robes, in bust form.

Thirdly, and in addition to the above the DC has issued the beginning of the possessions system (Yes, you read right, POSSESSIONS!) with the new ‘Prestige’ count. For each promotion, every award and every Dark Side Degree you earn merits your prestige an allotted amount of points. Eventually, those prestige points will act as an OOC (Out Of Character) currency. More details will be given by the DC as this develops. From what I hear, this possessions system has been in the works for years, and we’re finally seeing its existence come to be. Also, needless to say (but I’m going to say it anways!), Taldryan has by far and without a shadow of a doubt the most Prestige out of all of the other Houses (we more than double some). And that’s with Kir and Halc on the DC to boot!

Fourthly, in case you all weren’t already aware: Bryar Bowl IV (Bryar Free or Bryar Hard) was a success. A success not only in the turnout (16 participants! Woo!) but a success in that our Benevolent Taldrya Whiner took first place, and former TalCON Duga Taldrya Arkarso took 3rd place. I’m so proud! /me whips a tear

In addition to the news we have some members who are in need of recognition! Please join me in congratulating Diclonius and Stuekh’Sithari on their newest promotions to the rank of Protector! These guys have been amazing in learning the many facets of DB life and all of its activities. I won’t be surprised when these two make it to Dark Jedi Knight in the next 6 months. Their drive is amazing and their overall presence in Taldryan has been amazing in itself. Congrats you two, and keep up that hard work!

Dark Jedi Brotherhood News:

Herald Report. Shikyo displays the sexiness that his office produces in Warbanners and Lightsabers. Oh yeah, HSH is on its way!

Headmaster Report. Blast From the Past is here, and with the sexy Leadership Applications course. Personally, I'm glad that this exam is back for the time being. I urge you all to go and take this course, as it will definitly help you with understanding the application process within the DJB.

Voice Report. Halc goes into discussion about his Wiki Audit, and makes mention about future RP plans, so shoot him an email on that if you're interested or have ideas regading the matter. Oh yeah, he also notifies us of the sexy ACC unlockable Robes and sabers and such.

Wiki Tribune Report. If you're a Wiki'er, or wish to be so, I highly encourage you to follow up on the Tribunes reports. They're always chalk full of information regarding the Wiki, whether at an official DB level or at the standard Character Articles.

Fist Update. Smoke, after serving a fantastic term as the DB's first FIST of the Brotherhood has steppded down. Fremoc, his Praetor has been announced as the new Fist.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Competitions:

DJB Gaming Competitions:

<Console Gaming: Halo Reach/a> | JA/RC/EaW Smack Down | Beat Down the HM | Alien Swarm Returns!

DJB Fiction Competitions:

Load the Can(n)ons #4 | Flow Walking | DB Starfighters | Year in Haiku

DJB Misc. Competitions:

Fist Graphics | THB Word Search (Halc's Pick) | THB Short Fiction | THB One-Word Run-On | THB Caption Competition | Taldryan Holiday Bash (THB) | [WIKI] Image Holiday Hunt! | [Wiki] Image Audit #2

Christmast time is nearing, and with it are loads of DB activities revolving around this holiday season. From the Herald’s office preparing to launch their “Herald Style Hanukkah” (Time of year where the GM and HRLD throw sexy robes and sabers at us)), to the Wiki Tribune (And Tal’s AED, Anubis) hiding hollies over the Wiki for you to find, to yours truly hosting a Taldryan Holiday Bash (Tons of little competitions).

What's the QUA up to? Well, aside from introducing new members into the House and working alongside Anubis and Rian on helping members earn their promotions, I've begun the nice overhaul on the Taldryan Codex. That thing is packed full of information that is still informative, but a large amount of it is using terms and examples that are far out-dated. In that I'm revamping it and adding/editing a little bit here and there to further improve it. Once complete I hope to get the Codex up onto the DJB Wiki.

Once the Codex is complete, I will move on to the Taldryan Prospectus and do the same. After both are complete, my goal is to compile what's in both of the Codex and Prospectus and turn it around for a Taldryan History Shadow Academy Course.

For now, Taldryan, keep it real and be prepared for a busy few months to come! Currently the Taldryan Holiday Bash is in the running, the Three-Way House-Feud is planned to start up in January, and there's plenty of stuff coming up in the Spring (IG's!? =D).

Until then,

you know Sid, between you and ronovi...I havent seen any nice reports! Keep up the good work rocking the DB!

w00t! I am excited for the House-Feud! :) Sounds fun.

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