first of all, I recieved a lot of good applications. too much, in fact, to respond to each one individually. so, if you want feedback on it, please ask me, and I'll get back to you.

now, the reason for this post: the new P:MAA is Sashar Erinos, otherwise known as Dash. I know not everyone likes him, but I chose him for a reason. first of all, I know I can work quite well with him. but, more importantly, I know he is not biased. he'll be in favour of promotion that are earned, wether he likes the person or not.

so, as of now, any mail you send me, CC Dash. he will be able to do almost everything I do, too.

that'll be all, thank you.

Congrats Dash

As Ryujin said, "Congrats Dash" I'm sure this will work out fine. My limited interactions with Dash have always been pleasant. :)

Congratulations, Dash!

Congrats Dash

Congrats Dash

Looking forward to seeing the MAA's office keeping up with it's sexy response time! Grats Dash.


Dashar is the biasedest there is, except for maybe Halc.

Also: I was the greatest P:MAA ever.

Greatest P:MAA ever... or Greatest P:MAA ever?

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