Star Wars News Round-Up


Star Wars News Round-Up


In what will hopefully be a regular occurrence, I am going to post some recent Star Wars based news, keeping everyone in the loop about what's going on. This will range from any gaming announcement, to new book or comic releases. Read on to see what's been happening recently on the SW front.

If anyone comes across other Star Wars related news, feel free to send that off to myself or other DC members so they we can let the whole club know

Steam Holiday Sale

While not strictly Star Wars related, it's still pretty relevant to all gamers in the club. Every year Steam (an online PC/Mac game retailer) has a sale during the holidays. While they have various deals throughout the year, the deals at this time are generally much better than at any other time. They have daily deals with ridiculous prices, and then they have deals that will last until January 2nd.

Right now, all Lucasarts Games (except Force Unleashed II) is 50% off. That means all of the various platforms we use is on special. However, I'm sure they will have a daily deal involving all of the SW or LA games, and will keep you posted on those. Otherwise, check out the Steam store and see if there are any games there you want. Check back each day to see what deals there are!

The Old Republic

Not a lot this week, although they did release some very detailed information on Coruscant, and how it will be experience in-game. They also had a bit of an FAQ if you scroll down, but the questions being "asked" are pretty general and I'm sure most of us would know the answers to them off-hand.

Old Republic Novel: Deceived

This week they also released information on a new novel set in the Old Republic era. The novel will be called Deceived, and will be focusing on Darth Malgus, one of the main Sith Lords of the time period. Check the link out to read the first chapter to the novel as well as a link to read the second chapter.

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