Herald Style Hannukah continues!


Herald Style Hannukah continues!

9 days in, and the gifts keep coming!

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Today, we have more Mandolorian robes. This set that I made is called 'Deathwatch' and unlocks at the Elder rank of Dark Side Adept. <p> We also have the 'Bushi' saber, crafted by Shikyo. Available at Knighthood, this saber's name really explains the influence behind it.
<p> Enjoy, everybody!<p> --Muz </p></p></p></p>

Deathwatchhhh! =D The sets of armor you made Muz look better than the pictures on the SW Wiki. And the Bushi saber looks like a cross between the Savage saber and the Concord saber - both of which I'm a big fan of.

Can I get the Deathwatch robe with a wookie skull as a pauldron?

That's an awesome lightsaber, but the wrapping in the grip would be sweet in black. Still, I'll have to play around with the construction tool and find a good setting!

Awesome armor, too! I heart Sithmas!

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